151 The Time Pyramids - Pocket Dimension - Chapter 151

    Brion asked these questions to himself, he tried to understand about time how it works, and why it started the first time at all.

    All of this thinking started making him feel tired before he knew what happened the night was already over and the morning came on the ground.

    The hunters started leaving their homes and go hunting.

    Brion did not leave his "Underground" base, he was no human and don't need to sleep, and if he is tired only thing he has to do is use his energy to regenerate himself.

    At that time, he shook his hands and on the table a weird-clock in the shape of "Pyramid" manifested.

    It was three dimensional "Pyramid" and on the inside of it there was a small "Clock" was seen.

    Triangle itself was not too big its height was 40 cm and width was 40 cm too.

    The clock inside of the Pyramid can be seen from the outside the "Pyramid" itself is made up of pure energy.

    The clock was not working and just waiting for the order from the Brion.

    Brion started thinking a little bit and then created two different pyramid half of the size of the "First Pyramid" he created.

    One of them was on the right side of the "First Pyramid" and the other two were respectively standing on the left and right side of the table.

    Brion then took a deep breath and shook his hands and then the "Mind Energy" forming the Pyramids a little bit solidified.

    He smiled and then named these three "Pyramids", "Time Experiment Pyramids"

    Brion furrowed his brows.

    "I have to create something like timeline before that I have to create a pocket dimension with basic "Seasons"

    Brion then looked at the other side of the table which is close to "Pyramids" by 4 meters and he went there to create a "Pocket Dimension"

    Compared to the normal dimension "Pocket Dimensions" made up of more energy, it may look weird why creating a smaller-pocket dimension costed more energy than creating an ordinary dimension-space but it was pretty normal to be like this.

    Creating a normal dimensional space just means creating a "place" in the "Fabric Of Dimension" so making it unique compared to the other dimensions.

    But creating "Pocket Dimension" not only needs a good understanding of "Dimension Law" it also needs "Space Law", because in the pocket dimensions "size" and every other thing was different.

    Brion then shoots his head and on the table sphere like mind energy shape formed. One to two seconds later the sphere turned into a 3d dimensional object and a little bit solidified.

    With this Brion created a very basic example of "Pocket Dimension", if he took a human and put it inside of this "Pocket Dimension" the human will change it is size to "3 to 4 cm" which is adapting the terms of "Pocket Dimension" Brion created.

    After, Brion created the pocket dimension he named it.

    "I name you "Ant Dimension" because of the size"

    After Brion said his words he then created a basic "Star" for the light and other sources and created miniature trees. After that, he worked on adapting the size-dimensional context so that person or beings inside of the pocket-dimension will not understand they are inside of a "40 cm" energy sphere.

    After he finished these things from now on then if an intelligent being like a human enters "Ant Dimension" he will not understand that he was in a different place at all.

    He is most likely to feel that he was in a big huge world. In the reality he was so small that even a 40 cm space was so huge are for him.

    Brion right now did not have thought of using this "Ant Dimension" to make different experiments than "Time Law Experiments" so he did not put "Water" or Atmosphere so no human-like creature lives inside of this "Ant Dimension" for the time being.

    He created a star for a light source and embedded "The Seasons" from the other classical worlds into the "Ant Dimension" to see how time changes and affect the "Ant Dimension".

    After everything was ready he created a "Mind Energy Link" to from the Time Pyramids to "Ant Dimension"

    This shows that in the "Ant Dimension" the time controlled by the "Time Law Pyramids" after everything was over he whispered.

    "Let us make the time 1 second = 1 Day"

    After Brion said his words the "Time Law Pyramids" showed purple energy first one was the light-up was "Pyramid" on the right and then left Pyramid too lighted up then the clock on the "First-Pyramid" started working.

    As it worked the changes have not happened on the dimension as Brion expected.

    Brion then took a deep breath and then used his mind power to fix the problem.

    At first, he changed the nature of "Ant-Dimension" into the "Geoid-Shaped Planet" and then only placed it on the table as a world map and after this thing was over he had to set the "Laws" of the "Ant Dimension"

    He can do this by adding new laws into the "Ant Dimension" but he was a little bit of a lazy man so he just used classical "Earth" laws for the "Ant Dimension".

    After he added new changes again he set the time the 1 second = 1 day, this time it worked as it should be but one different thing happened at that time.

    He felt power came to himself and at that time he started seeing different things as he watched the dimension he created pass the time and the "Pyramids" he created were controlling the time of "Ant Dimension" as time went on Brion finally came to himself and after he came to himself.

    He knew that his understanding of the "Time Law" is improved because of the sudden understanding of time and the first mistake he did it.

    "Even if I connected the "Pyramids" as (Time Law) into the "Ant Dimension" I did not set what "Time Represents" in the "Ant Dimension"
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