153 Origin Dimension Eater Octopus vs Brion - Part 1 - Chapter 153

    After Brion woke up he created good food and drink for himself. He ate on the table he had just created.

    He knew the night already came to "Deep Ice Village" and it been two days since he came here to live.

    He must have slept all day until the night.

    Brion closed his eyes and started thinking.

    "I am improving good I should concentrate on the missions"

    The mission that was given to him right now was to Live in the village.

    Pretty basic and self-explanatory mission. As he was thinking all of this he sensed something is weird. This weirdness did not come from the dimension itself it came from the "Fabric Of Dimension"

    Brion got up and then shook his hand opening a way to Fabric Of Dimension.

    Normally as he experienced it before many dimensions have protectors of some sort so entering the "Fabric Of Dimension" when inside of a dimension that is protected.

    Is a bad thing to do and could give the protectors a reason to attack and exterminate the person.

    After Brion entered the fabric of dimension he started flying in the void and located the reason for the weird feeling he was experienced.

    In his eyes a creature which is the size of a small-planet (about the size of earth) was coming towards the "Frousa" dimension which is "White-Fur Human" lives on, the creature had weird long tentacles and it looked strong at that time.

    The system issued a new mission.

    "Protect Frousa Dimension"


    "Frousa dimension is under attack by an origin creature of the "Fabric Of Dimension" if you do not stop it the dimension itself and the living beings inside of the "Dimension" will be destroyed and get eaten by the creature"

    " Reward " = 3 AB Points

    " Punishment " = None (It is up to you to defend the dimension)


    Brion nodded and just for the sake of "3 AB Points" which can be used to improve his understanding of "Laws" he accepted the mission and inspected the creature which is far away for the time being but still coming towards Frousa Dimension on his back.

    The creature's speed will let him reach the dimension in about one to two hours at most.

    "Origin Dimension Eater Octopus"

    "Level - Galaxy Emperor"


    "Dimension = %0.1" (Origin Law)

    "Origin = %0.1" (Origin Law)

    "Octopus = %15" (Octopus Law)




    "Origin Dimension Eater Octopus is a creature which was normally an octopus-like creature from the alone dimensional world, as the time went and the creature itself gets stronger and got big,

    it evolved an ability that makes him powerful and deciphers the dimensional changes, as it grows and always eating.

    Withing a long time in the end it ate the dimension he was born and started venturing in the "Fabric Of Dimensions" to find and hunt other "Dimension"


    Brion gulped and smiled at the same time, hands of this was the most powerful creature he was going to fight with.

    It had laws that looked strong and it was a monster with no intelligence which is weird for a creature at this level but right now Brion did not care about it.

    He looked at his back and nodded with an understanding.

    "If I battle right here which is close to "Fraus Dimension" the powers of mine and the octopus will cause the "Dimension" got harmed and even destroyed"

    Brion with these thoughts speed up and went towards to confront the creature head-on.

    As Brion showed himself the creature weirdly stopped and started looking at the tiny creature in front of him.

    Origin Dimension Eater Octopus may be a creature without intelligence, and it is laws in just the state of "Primal Instinct" this means that in real-time it has no understanding of the "Law" he has it just that his instincts knew how to use the power of laws against it is foes if even needed at all.

    The primal urges of the Origin Dimension Eater Octopus can easily see that this tiny creature may well "a tiny creature" but it is power not.

    It could feel many different types of energy inside of the "creature"

    every law has some kind of energy after the user gains an understanding from it, the more powerful the law is more powerful the energy.

    Dimension Law %0.1 was stronger than Puppet Law %10 because the difference between the laws, for a person who uses "Puppet Law" to fight against a "Dimension Law %0.1" user it needs more than %20 to %30 percent "Puppet Law" to even have a chance,

    This was just an example.

    And at the same time every law has different colors of manifestation like "Mind Power" show it in "Purple" color and "Space Law" show it in "White-Gray Color" and "Dimensional Law" was in the shape of "Glass" and "Glass-Like Substance"

    At that time Brion and Origin Dimension Eater Octopus looked at each other and suddenly different kind of energy manifested itself.

    From the "Origin Dimension Eater Octopus" "Glass-Like Substance" formed and directly went towards to "Brion" trying to crush it a force of "Dimension Law"

    Brion smiled as he saw the "Dimension Law" because of his understanding he knew what kind of "Law" he uses and had anyway.

    He took for a second and used a different "Law" to stop the "Dimensional Law"

    As in the previous example when fighting against a "Primary Law" like "Dimensional Law" user has to use a "Primary Law" too or he or she has to use "Secondary Law" with big understanding like "Ghost King Armanos"

    he had %50 to %60 percent of understanding of "Ghost Law" and with his power and understading he could fight many beings with "Primary Law" understanding like "Dimension Law" or "Space Law" of course it is only effective as long as the latter has "Low-Understanding Of Primary Law".

    Unfortunately, he doesn't have a strong understanding of the "Secondary Law"

    Brion thought a little bit and in the end, he wanted no mistakes and used "Spatial-Dimension Law"

    he could very well use other "Laws" but compared to the "Dimension %0.1" there are not many things else to do.
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