155 Origin Dimension Eater Octopus vs Brion - Part 3 - End - Chapter 155

    As the laws of Brion destroyed the "Octopus Law", the Biology and Ghost Law started helping the "Death and Dream Law" against the Origin Law.

    With their join in the battle, the "Origin Law" was easily destroyed without too much of a problem in just 10 seconds.

    After the "Origin Law" destroyed. Origin Dimension Eater Octopus did not know what to do it was already using it is "Dimension Law" to fight against the "Spatial-Dimension Law" now his "Origin" and "Octopus Law" was destroyed he needs to restore energy to keep using them but it had no time.

    Biology Law, Death Law, Ghost Law, Dream Law, Time Law all of them started attacking the "Dimension Law" helping the "Spatial Dimension Law"

    Different kinds of meat parts, claws, and mouths of different creatures and existence formed and attacked the Dimension Law, it was Biology Law.

    Different kind of forms and landscapes formed by "Dream Law" started engulfing the Dimension Law this was the attack of "Dream Law"

    The black energy started killing the "Dimensional Energy" even if it was the energy with strong power it could not escape from the "Death Law"

    Screaming human forms, creatures forms and different kind of weird mist-like human and creature forms started attacking the "Dimension Energy" with a tremendous amount of power it was the "Ghost Law"

    The green energy started sweeping the "Dimension Energy" with ease and even making it vanish as nothing happened in the reality it was using the "Time" to turn the time back to make the "Dimensional Energy" not created already.

    This was the Time Law

    And then lastly the "Spatial-Dimension Law" used all of it is energy attack with the last powerful force.


    The Laws easily crushed the "Dimension Law" Origin Dimension Eater Octopus had and they did not stop as they attacked the original body of the "Origin Dimension Eater Octopus" with too many laws and their manifestation attacking him and in the time where he has no "Law" protection on himself.

    There are not many things to do, within five seconds after all of the "Laws" attacked the "Origin Dimension Eater Octopus" died. But before dying, it used one of its tentacles to attack the "Brion" body.

    As Brion was not concentrating on the defense his right arm got separated from the shoulder with ease, But he was just smiling without thinking about what happened.

    Within the seconds the creature died and a big energy explosion showed itself as an explosion of a star and a planet, Pure shockwave resonated inside of the "Fabric Of Dimension" this was the sign of a "Galaxy Emperor Level" creature died.

    Brion took a deep breath and took all of his "Law" energy back and stopped all the attack.

    The body of Origin Dimension Eater Octopus was levitating in the void without any energy left from it.

    It was clear that he died, he could not hide it from the eyes of "Brion" as he has the "Death Law" knowing something is dead or alive is an easy thing for himself to understand.

    After some time later Brion's right arm was restored like nothing happened, for a person with the "Law" of Biology or "Time Law" it is an easy thing to restore his arms or body.

    "Protect Frousa Dimension"


    "Frousa dimension is under attack by an origin creature of the "Fabric Of Dimension" if you do not stop it the dimension itself and the living beings inside of the "Dimension" will be destroyed and get eaten by the creature"

    " Reward " = 3 AB Points

    " Punishment " = None (It is up to you to defend the dimension)

    "Mission Completed" +3 AB Points"


    "User successfully protected dimension "Frousa" from the attackers, the battle between the user and "Origin Dimension Eater Octopus" created a big ruckus in the detections of the organizations that looks and try to understand "Fabric Of Dimension"


    "For no trouble and weirdly-interaction system advises the user to went back to "Frousa" dimension for the time being"

    Brion just laughed and then used his "Mind Power" energy to destroy the physical body of "Origin Dimension Eater Octopus" he doesn't want other races or humans to find this body to research matters.

    From the research of this body, they could learn what kind of "Laws" he has even some of them learn these laws from just looking at the physical body of the "Origin Dimension Eater Octopus"

    For some people and races battle between two high-level beings and the aftermath of it is enough treasure for them to improve their understanding even earn power by just seeing the aftermath.

    After Brion destroyed the body of the "Origin Dimension Eater Octopus" to its is smithereens he just teleported his "Underground Base" in the "Deep Ice Village" the Frousa Dimension.

    - 10 Hours Later -

    There are more than ten different kinds of ships close to the Frousa Dimension and where does the battle happen.

    They looked for clues to research and trading capability but they could not find anything. Some of the powerful beings compared others thought that after the battle the winner cleared the "Aftermath" so that they could not pick up anything, which is true.


    Inside of his "Underground Base"

    Brion kept replaying the battle inside of his head so that he will know what things he did wrong and what kind of disadvantages he had.

    One of his disadvantages was he had many laws but the laws he had did not have high-understanding causing their volume and power to be weak.

    Normally %0.1 Death Law was enough to suppress or content with the "Origin Law" easily but he needed three primary laws and two secondary laws to fight against %0.1 Dimension Law.

    This is not a good thing for himself and he knew it.

    Brion then started thinking about the earned "3 AB Points" and he could use these points to improve his "Law" he needs to choose laws to improve his power.

    He has to know that the creature he fought was most likely a 100.000 to 1 million years old creature that is why he had two Primary Laws with %0.1 Understanding.

    Compared to him he was at the age of 24 to 25. It was easy to see the difference.
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