40 Punishment 4

    What followed after, got their eyes wide open.

    "No, no, no!! Stay back, don't come near me. Why isn't my magic working? Don't touch me, aaaahhhh!!"

    Her screams pierced the eerie silence. Everyone wondered ceaselessly what was going on and in no time at all, quicker than as their arousals came, it vanished. What was left was a cold chill down their spine.

    Lord Drake furrowed his brows for a second and after some seconds he relaxed them and said, "Interesting!" All of a sudden he withdrew from her and the next moment, he was back on his seat.

    Lady Vania's pupils seemed to dilate a bit before she collapsed on the table. Everyone was shocked again. Why did he stop all of a sudden?

    Normally his torture took longer than that, but this time he gave her pleasure and a little torture. They couldn't figure out what was on his mind at all.

    One minute when you feel you are close to figuring him out and the next he does something that throws you back to the unknown. He was ever so mysterious.

    He seemed thoughtful for the longest of time, his right hand supported his chin, his eyes squinted as he gaze into the distance, not saying a word.

    No one dared break the silence, they all awaited his next words and suggestion.

    "That's it. "

    "Lord Drake?" Council man Torren  called out.

    He blinked his eyes then turned his gaze to his left hand side and said, "Yes?"

    "What would be our next course of action? Seeing that we clearly weren't summoned here just to watch you punish Lady Vania but... "

    Lord Drake raised his right hand and interrupted Councilman Torren's speech.

    "Tsk, Tsk, Tsk."

    "Councilman Torren I think one of us would have to take the mission and go kill the enchantress," Lady Prudence quickly intercepted.

    "If it's okay by Lord Drake, I'll go."

    "No, this job is better suited for a man," Councilman Brad said.

    "Not for you to decide Brad, I would love to go. "

    She hoped that if she gave the right suggestion then, she might have survived this upcoming terror and be on his good side. What she didn't know...

    "Do any of you think, you are capable of defeating Aslan? If Vania failed, then what made you so confident that you would succeed?"

    They all became speechless the moment he spoke. They had wanted to use this opportunity to curry favour from him, but never really thought it through.

    Where they really capable? Where Lady Vania failed, could they really succeed?

    "We could at least try," Lady Prudence said to him.

    His eyes squinted as he lightly chuckled. "You are so confident. If not that the Aslan I know would take precautionary measures, I would have loved to put this so called confidence to a test."

    "What do you mean Lord Drake?"

    "Isn't it obvious, Torren? It's no use for us attacking or entering that house, by now Aslan should have erected a magical barrier and increased his guards. I couldn't contact someone from there."

    "Considering his person, that is true Lord Drake." Torren agreed with him and gazed at the two who wanted to try.

    They felt stupid for what they said and lowered their heads, averting his gaze. Lord Drake saw this behavior and shook his head.

    "What were they thinking really? An opportunity to shame Vania?" He thought.


    They all jolted up, including Vania who rose her head slowly as all heads turned in one direction, his.

    "Now, the next course of action. Vania saw something that may be very useful to us. The enchantress is scarred."


    "How is that possible?"

    "How could it be?"

    They all voiced out their opinions, shock and confusion laid evident on their faces. When they noticed he didn't speak further, they all shut their mouths.

    "Something obviously must have been wrong with her reincarnation. According to legend, no one knew what really happened to the Enchantress Eirian, she suddenly disappeared  from existence."

    As he spoke he got up from his seat, both hands crossed at his back. He moved slowly, but majestically, like a king and a teacher all at once. All of their gazes followed him as they awaited his next words.

    "Since we cannot kill her now that she is an infant, I know Aslan wouldn't let another chance like this happen again."

    "Then what do we do?" Councilman Brad asked.

    "We cannot leave her to grow up and be all powerful. It would be the doom of our Dark magic world," Lady Esmeralda spoke up, her eyes sharp and calculating as she did.

    "In history, there was only one person who was a little bit on par with the enchantress. It was she who begun this our existence, gathering all the dark mages as one."

    "Lord Drake, what are you thinking?" Councilman Torren dared to ask.

    "It is as it is, Torren. We invoke her spirit into a child and have her grow alongside the enchantress. If anything happens, only she has the power to stop Eirian."

    "But that would involve... "
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