1 Cursed

    A very stunning lady walks on a cliff, she was extremely beautiful and her body glowed with a bright light. She wore a bright yellow gown flowing behind her, her hair was pure white, reaching her ankles. She gazed up into the sky enjoying the view.

    Suddenly she heard a sharp cry from a mountain far from where she was. Due to her powers and enhanced hearing she could hear the voice, no voices, belonging to two people.

    Without wasting much time she flew in the direction of the mountain. On getting to the top, she could see a man, he looked disgusting with his ragged dirty clothes. In his right hand, was a pointy sharp knife and he stalked closer to the young girl.

    The Enchantress couldn't see her face, but from her screams she knew she was a young girl.

    "I'm going to enjoy every disgusting moment with you. You are nothing but a filth, only meant for my pleasure. Now come on, be a good girl and stop running".

    "Never" the female voice rang out.

    "There is no where else to run to. I've chased you this far. So come on while I'm still nice" with that he pounced on her and tore her clothes while she struggled beneath him ad he was more powerful than her.

    "Get away from her" a calm and serene voice rang out, stunning both the man and the girl.

    The man quickly turned to look at the intruder and in this moment of distraction, the girl kicked him and ran away till she got to the mountain top.

    He turned back and saw that his prey was gone. Angry, he turned back to the Enchantress.

    "You're going to pay for this intrusion witch".

    "How dare you think of doing something vile to her".

    "What do you care? No one wants her, she should consider this a favor that I want to touch her, she is nothing mire than a play thing".

    "Insolent... You do not deserve to live" in anger the Enchantress waved her hand and he flew towards the wall, cracked his skull and fell to the ground. She moved past him and hurried to get the girl.

    She reached the mountain top quickly and saw the girl standing close to the edge.

    "Stop, don't do it".

    "No, let me end this miserable life".

    "No, just turn. It's not miserable. He is dead, you have nothing to fear, he would never harm you again".

    "He is just one man, everyone hates me. Someone would do the same again. I must end it".

    "No, you can't say that, please step away from the edge".

    "What do you know?" The girl yelled in anger and turning to look at the Enchantress, there was shock in the Enchantress's eyes.

    "You see, no one can gaze upon me, I have a hideous scar. Even you are shocked".

    Regaining her composure, "No, I am not. What vile creature did this to you?".

    The girl started crying as this was the only form of care she had experienced in her life.

    "Shhh, stop crying... I can heal you" the Enchantress said as walked close to the girl and pulled her into her embrace.

    "No one wants me, I am too ugly to be seen" the girl said amidst sobs.

    "Shah, it's going to be okay. I can heal you and make you beautiful again".

    "Are you sure?".

    "Yes, let me" with that, she withdrew back and let go of the girl from her embrace and placed both hands on her face.

    She closed her eyes for some minutes and when she opened them, her eyes glowed so bright and then the girl's face aw well. In a matter of minutes the girl's appearance changed.

    She looked at the girl whose appearance was a sight to behold and was pleased, she was beautiful without that scar. But then something also changed. She started feeling her body begin to itch, then her face was so hot, it felt like she was burning.

    "What, what is happening to me. Stop it, it hurts" she fell on her knees as she held her head and began screaming in pain...

    "Nooo... " after some time passed and the pain began subsiding, she quickly tried creating a water screen to see her appearance but her powers became weak. She couldn't do it.

    "What is wrong, what is going on, why can't I use my powers?" She saw the girl smiling as she towered above her.

    "You... What have you done to me?".

    "See for yourself" she vanished a mirror in her hands and handed it over to the Enchantress.

    She was shocked at what she saw, she was extremely ugly, the scar on the girl's face was now on her's.

    "No,  this cannot be. Change me back".

    "No, you brought it upon yourself".

    She tried using what was left of her powers to change herself but to no avail, nothing worked. In her frantic and frustrated state as she tried everything, the girl pushed her off the mountain peak and she fell. Not being able to use her powers, she fell to her death.

    A thousand years later, in the modern day, a middle aged man hurries to a door and knocked, then it opened.

    Inside were several chairs at the side of the room, and a man sat at the big chair opposite the door.

    "Grand chief, I bring good news".

    "What is it Grand Seer?".

    "A prophecy just came, you would be thrilled".

    "What did it say?".

    "Your unborn child... ".
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