2 The Prophecy

    Inside were several chairs at the side of the room, and a man sat at the big chair opposite the door. It seemed to be like a council room, but no one else was witted there except the middle aged man.

    "Grand chief, I bring good news".

    "What is it Grand Seer?".

    "A prophecy just came, you would be thrilled".

    "What did it say?".

    "Your unborn child... ".

    "What about my unborn child?" The Grand Chief asked him, not so sure of the expression on the elderly man's face.

    There was glee in the Grand seer's eyes as he gazed at the Grand Chief of their magic council.

    "Your... Your daughter... "

    "Daughter, I'm going to have a girl. I won the bet" he said with glee cutting the elderly man short who stopped mid way into his statement.

    He clears his throat and calmed himself before speaking.

    "Sorry about that, what about my daughter Grand Seer?" He asked with so much calm but you could see the joy in his eyes.

    "The gods have smiled upon you Grand Chief, no greater honor than this I tell you".

    "Tell me, what have the gods done" he said with much effort trying to calm himself.

    He could barely help it, elders these days are in no rush and they reprimand the younger ones for always been in a hurry or too eager, which was what was wrong with him right now. It was already enough that he couldn't just run up to his wife and shout to her that they were having a girl and he won the bet. Now this elderly refused to tell him the news and how lucky he was. He didn't know whether he should laugh or cry, he could barely contain his joy.

    "Oh the gods... The gods are too good".

    "Out with it Grand Seer" he didn't know when he shouted at the Grand Seer.

    He just couldn't take it, this was torture of words. After yelling, he realized what he had done and quickly apologized to the Grand Seer.

    "Grand Seer forgive me, I was... " he was cut short by a wave of the Grand Seer's hand.

    "No need to apologize, I know you were happy and eager. Well this is what I always tell you young ones. Don't be too hasty. Life is short, savour every moment of it. You should really learn to calm your emotions... ".

    He kept on advising the Grand Chief who had a smiling expression on his face, but mentally...

    "Get to the point old man. Who can be calm Ina situation as this!!!" he screamed inside his head.

    "Heavens know if Grand seer don't stop, I won't be able to hold myself anymore, what kind of torture is this!!!?" He screamed in his head again, all the while maintaining a calm demeanor.

    "Okay, I think I have lectured you enough".

    "Finally, the news" he thought to himself again, feeling mentally relieved.

    "So next time you are in an emotional situation, take deep breathes... ".

    "You've got to be kidding me. When would this lecture ever end. Now I know why the youngsters feel it was a punishment receiving lecturing from the Grand Seer when they misbehaved and I thought it was the easy way rather than punishing them. I got to experience it first hand. This is torture of the mind" he thought to himself as his mind trailed off from the lecture he was in.

    After several minutes passed, he finally stopped.

    "Now for the news, there came a prophecy to me today, the Enchantress Eirian would be reincarnated into the body of the daughter of the 50th Grand Chief. And that is you, meaning your daughter is the reincarnation of the beautiful Enchantress".

    "You're kidding right?".

    "I'm afraid not Grand Chief".

    "I'm not just going to have daughter, but... Enchantress Eirian's reincarnation. I better tell her".

    "Who?" the Grand Seer asked.

    But before he could ask more, the Grand Chief ran to the entrance of the council room  and shouted to the elderly.

    "My wife... " and with that last sound he disappeared from the council room down the corridor.

    "Youngsters these days, ever so eager and energetic. Well this is a happy news, our Lady should be due for delivery any day from now" he said to himself in a thoughtful manner, then smiled  to no one in particular.

    "Well I have delivered the news. Thank you Great ones" he raised his hands up and bowed his head before exiting the council room.

    The Grand Chief ran with all his might to the garden and searched frantically, but couldn't find her. He ran to the kitchens, she wasn't there still.

    "Where could she be at a time like this?" Just then one of the maids passed and greeted him.

    "Good afternoon my Lord" she said with a bow and was about leaving.

    "Wait, have you seen the Lady? I ha:e checked where she normally would be at this time, but can't seem to find her".

    "Ah, my Lady is in her room resting, my Lord".

    "Why didn't I think of that? Is she fine? Never mind would find out myself. Thank you".

    And he dashed towards his bedroom to find his wife, leaving the stunned maid behind to her thoughts.

    "Why is the Lord acting this way? What has happened? It is so rare to see him like this. It almost never happened. Perhaps he just misses the Lady, oh how lucky she is" she thought to herself as she blushed and giggled.

    When she realized her delay, she hurried to where she was sent initially, before the interruption.

    The Grand Chief rushed to his bedroom and only stopped when he was right in front of the bedroom door. He took in deep breathes to calm himself down so he looked composed and not worry his dear wife, then he pushed the door open when he felt calm.

    "... " what greeted his eyes was something he wasn't prepared for and his heart started beating faster again.
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