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    When he felt he was calm again, he gently pushed the door open.

    "... "

    What greeted his eyes was something he wasn't prepared for and his heart started beating faster again.

    The room was empty, "Where in the heaven's is this woman" he shouted in his head.

    He kept on looking around, hoping to find a clue, then the bathroom door opened and a dazzling beauty stepped out.

    "Why are you back by this time? You are looking so disheveled".

    He simply just blocked out her words as his eyes trailed up and down her body.

    Yes, he was looking at one of the most stunning mage in this city. She was so beautiful and that beauty alone had a way to calm his raging heart. She was is undoing, he was lucky to have her.

    At that very moment, he threw all thoughts and reasoning away. The next thing she knew, he rushed and embraced her.

    Taking in that all familiar Jasmine and rose scent of hers, her perfume that makes his mind calm and crazy; he finally calmed down.

    "You've missed me".

    He simply nodded, the gods know how much he loved this woman and now they blessed him with a daughter, an enchantress.

    Slowly he pulled away from her embrace and when she thought she was free, he attacked her lips but gently.

    Soon they were engaged in a passionate kiss as she slightly parted her lips to welcome his warm tongue.

    "I missed you, I missed you" he said in between their kiss.

    After some minutes, they stopped to catch their breathes.

    Each time it was something new. Every time they'd kiss, it is as though they just kissed for the first time.

    Snapping him out of his thoughts, "Why did you leave the council room to find me? Don't tell me it's just because you missed me".

    "Well yes".

    "Darling... "

    "Okay, no".

    "Hurry up and say it then".

    "The Grand Seer came to see me several minutes ago".

    "Yes, what did he see?".

    "A prophecy, the gods decided to shine their face upon us".

    "What is it Aslan?".

    "First of my sweetheart, I won the bet".

    "What!?" She said alarmed.

    "I won the bet".

    "There's no way. I felt it, I knew it was going to be my win".

    "Sweetheart the Grand Seer confirmed it, we are having a girl child" he said with a bright smile as he held her arm and guided her to their bed to sit down.

    "It's not fair".


    "I wanted a male child that would look exactly like you".

    "And I wanted a female child that would look at stunning as my beautiful wife".

    She looks away, blushing a little bit, he saw this and used his fingers to bring her face back to meet his gaze.

    "I want a female child, that would grow up like her mother. I got that and more".

    "There is more?".

    "A prophecy came Alvina".

    "What did the prophecy say?".

    "Look at you all eager. If you had been there, then the Grand Seer would have given you a strong lecture on patience".

    "But... "

    "The heavens know how torturous it was for me just having to listen when I was brining with eagerness".

    "If I hadn't known better, I'd say you have started behaving like dear old Grand Seer".

    "Now don't let him hear you call him old my love".

    "Enough already Aslan, tell me. You know this anxiety ain't good for the baby".

    "Okay, okay, calm down. I would speak".

    "You were speaking before".

    "You know what I meant. Now who is interrupting?".

    "All right, go on, my lips are sealed".

    He stared at her for some seconds and gently placed his hand on her stomach and rubbed her there.

    "Okay the news, a prophecy came today, it says, the Enchantress Eirian would be reincarnated into the body of the daughter of the 50th Grand Chief. And that is me, meaning our daughter is the reincarnation of the beautiful Enchantress".

    "That is great news, wow... The gods chose us to bestow this honour. To birth an Enchantress" her faced beamed with smile as she spoke.

    Then suddenly her expression changed to that of anger.

    "You had such important news and you only said it now?".

    "Wait, what is going on?" He said stepping away from his angry wife.

    "Oh you would soon get to know what is going on".

    "But I told you as soon as I came".

    "You first beat around the bush before speaking. Now you behave like the Grand Seer".

    "I was in a mess looking for you".

    "The first thing you should have said was the prophecy. Do you know how important that news is?".

    She glared at him, at this time the atmosphere in the room changed drastically.

    "I can't believe she would get angry over such a thing" he whispered to himself.

    "Did you say something?" She said as she stood up and slowly walked to him.

    "This is no good" he whispered again as he took several steps backward at her advancement.

    "I would really teach you not to stall when you have important news, perhaps beat that attitude out of you. I wou... ah ahhh" she suddenly stop midway in her sentence and movement and screamed in pain.

    The next thing he knew, water flowed from beneath her gown on the floor.

    He looked into her eyes, staring at her in disbelief, as she stared back. He regained himself when she cried again in pain.

    "She's cominnnnggggg" she screamed at the top if her voice.

    "What! " quickly he rushed to his wife and supported her while shouting for the maids.

    "Anyone out there? Help, call the doctor fast. Rina, Ariiiiiii.... " he kept on shouting for the maids.
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