4 Labour 2

    The maid walked back to the Grand Chief's bedroom and was in thought, clearly reminiscing about what happened earlier.

    "Knock that thought out of your head Ari. Lady Alvina would be worried I delayed. I better hurry".

    She hurried very fast to her master's bedroom. When she got close to the room she heard noise.

    "What's going on?".

    "Ariiiiii, Rinaaaaa... "

    "That is the master's voice" she ran to the room, opening the door with full force and saw a sight...

    "What are you doing standing there? Call the doctor".

    "Yes sir" she said with shaky voice a she left in a frenzy.

    An hour later, the doctor was in the room and everything was set for her delivery. A nurse stood by his side attending to his every order as he urged the Lady to push.

    "That's it, you're doing great. Just push with all you've got my lady".

    Meanwhile, the Grand Chief stood outside the bedroom and waited with two men.

    "Grand Chief, you must calm down, the Lady would be okay".

    "Yes Master Aslan. Lady Alvina would deliver nicely" the second man said trying to calm the Grand Chief as he paced around.

    "She is in pain. She is in so much pain".

    "It comes with child birth Lord Aslan".

    "I just want her to be all right. You do not understand Reed, it's not her due date".

    "What! ".

    "She is to be due next week. It's all my fault, if I hadn't made her angry, she wouldn't have been so vexed. Riling her up like that sure had effect and made her water break".

    They rushed to meet him seeing as he was losing control.

    "Lord Aslan calm down. It wasn't your fault".

    "It is and now she is in so much pain because of me... I need to be by her side. I should be inside with her" he made his way past them to  open the door, but they drag him back.

    "Master Aslan, you can't go in. Not in this state".

    "It was because you weren't calm that the doctor had you leave the room".

    "I want to be by her side" he said struggling with them to enter the room.

    "Please Lord Aslan".

    "If anything happen to her, I won't be able to live with myself. Let me see her".

    "Nothing will happen to Lady Alvina. Calm down" Reed said holding Aslan strongly.


    Rina rush to get more water while Ari stayed by the Lady's side holding her hand.

    "Push my lady, very hard" the doctor said.

    She pushed hard as she screamed in pain.

    "There, there, I see the head. You are doing great my Lady. Push more, harder, you can do it".

    "Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaarrrhhhh" she screamed at the top of her lungs.

    "Yes, more my Lady, push more. You're almost there".


    Outside the door, Aslan and the others hear her screams and he couldn't take it.

    "Alvina" he shouted her name.

    "My Lord you must refrain from doing so".

    "She would be okay".

    They hear her screams again and this time Aslan couldn't take it anymore.

    He used his powers to push them off himself and as they fell to the ground far from him, he quickly rushed to the door knob.

    As soon as he touched it, he heard a sharp cry. He couldn't believe his ears.

    "She did it" he opened the door but the doctor came out.

    "My Lord, it's a girl. You have a daughter" he said with a half smiling face.

    "I want to see her".

    "About that my Lord".

    "Can't I see my wife?".

    "Oh the Lady".

    "Who did you think I was talking about?".

    "huh my Lord" the doctor started to say but averted his eyes.

    "Out with it. Wait, what is wrong? Anything happened to my daughter?".

    The doctor kept quiet but when he shouted again, he quickly spoke up.

    "I... The Lady and your daughter are okay. Although... "

    "Although what? Out with it. Intact out of my way this instant".

    "He cannot do that unless you calm down" a voice spoke from inside.

    The doctor was blocking the entrance into the room so he couldn't quite see who spoke, till the doctor gave wag and the Grand Seer came out.

    "Grand Seer. What is going on?".

    "You must calm down Aslan".

    "I cannot calm down. Alvina needs me".

    "What are you going to do if you see her. Look at the state you are in. You are looking disheveled".

    "I need to see my wife and child" he yelled.

    "You are the Grand Chief, behave like one".

    "I am also a husband and a father Grand Chief" he yelled again.

    "It is for your own good. Because what you are about to see can change a lot of things".

    "I do not care".

    "Very well then" the Grand Seer and the doctor paved way for him to pass and he rushed in.

    Just as he entered, Ari came to him with the child in her arms.

    "My Lord" she slightly bowed her head and curtsied as she presented his daughter to him with a sad face.

    When he pushed the cloth aside, he was shocked beyond words.

    "What in heaven's name... ".
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