5 Prophecy Gone Wrong

    "My Lord" she slightly bowed her head and curtsied as she presented his daughter to him with a sad face.

    Not so sure of what was happening, he took a glance at everyone in the room and there wasn't a smile on their faces.

    She took a deep breath and when he pushed the cloth aside, he was shocked beyond words.

    "What in heaven's name... How did this happen?" He said loudly.

    "My Lord, please reduce your voice, the lady... " without waiting for her to finish, he dashed to his wife's side and was at a lost for words.

    He just gazed at her, not moving or saying anything.

    "I am sorry My Lord, the Lady is extremely weak. There were complications during her delivery. Giving birth prematurely and to such to a powerful being... She is very weak".

    "She will survive".

    "She doesn't have long to live my Lord".

    "She would survive" he yelled again.

    "Darling... " her weak voice trailed off as she slowly opened her eyes.

    "Alvina" he said as he knelt down close to her.

    "My daughter, I want to hold my child".

    "You are tired Alvina".

    "No, let me see her. I want to see my beautiful daughter.

    That seemed to have strikes a chord and everyone went silent.

    "You will, rest a little".

    "Aslan, I want to hold my daughter. Did anything happen to her" she said as tears flowed down her cheeks.

    "You will. Our daughter is so beautiful " he said as his voice broke with those past words.

    She kept on crying as she felt something was not right. Not being able to bear with her tears any longer, he ordered Ari to bring their child.

    "Ari, bring her".

    Slowly Ari made her way to the Grand Chief and the Lady, then handed over the child to the Grand Chief.

    He took the child from Ari's arms and gently placed her by Alvina's side.

    Alvina raised her head a little to look at her baby and she was a little bit shocked.

    She couldn't understand what had happened. She was to give birth to the beautiful Enchantress reincarnation, but this child.

    "I don't know what happened" Aslan's voice said in a whisper.

    She looked at her husband with tears in her eyes and gave him a bright smile.

    "I am sorry".

    "Why are you apologizing? She is our child, scar or no scar, beautiful or not not, Enchantress or not. She is our baby girl".

    "This wasn't supposed to happen. She was to be beautiful and extremely powerful. I - I... ".

    "It's okay. My baby girl" she shifted her closer and kissed her on her forehead.

    Before he knew what was happening, she screamed in pain. Alarmed he took the child from her and gave her to Ari.

    The doctor and Grand Seer rushed to her side.

    He held her hand as she screamed again.

    "What is going on?" He asked the doctor not so sure why she screamed in pain.

    The doctor checked her pulse ad tried to determine what was wrong with her.

    "Please save her, what is happening? Grand Seer, Doctor. Help her".


    In the study room of the Grand Chief, he stood near the window gazing out while the Grand Seer stood behind him.

    "My Lord".

    "What happened?" What happened!!" He yelled while still looking out the window.

    "I sincerely don't know Lord Aslan".

    "You don't know... You're supposed to be the Grand Seer. How can you not k ow what happened?".

    "What I saw. I am never wrong, it is supposed to be the beautiful Enchantress Eirian. I am confused myself".

    "This isn't right, I don't know what happened, it is as I saw".

    "Then you saw wrong".

    "I did not see wrong Lord Aslan".

    "Then please by all means explain to me what happened".

    The Grand Seer kept quiet.

    "I didn't wish for an Enchantress, I just wanted a daughter like my wife, but the gods... Urrgh".

    "They chose to bless you... ".

    "They cursed me with that. That is not a blessing. I am losing Alvina because of her birth, as it that a blessing?".

    "The lady... ".

    "Don't you dare tell me she is going to be okay. Because she is not, her soul is fading but slowly. I can feel it".

    "Lord Aslan she might be ugly but her powers".

    "I doubt if she is the Enchantress".

    "My Lord... ".

    "This is just a prophecy gone wrong. I am sad my family has to bare this".

    "My Lord, there is always a silver lining".

    "What silver lining could there be in this? Alvina is dying".

    "She has but a few years to live".

    "Why would the gods be so cruel to me? What have I done, what did I ever do wrong? Where did I go wrong?".

    "The young Lady has tremendous powers".

    "Can her powers heal Alvina? No, it even worsened her health. She is a bad omen".

    "Aslan, she is still your daughter" the Grand Seer shouted at him.

    "No matter what, she is still your daughter, blood of your blood".

    "They took my daughter and gave me that... She isn't blood of my blood".

    The Grand Seer just sighed, seeing as he was too stubborn and hurt to listen.

    "With her powers, it changes everything... ".
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