6 Shes Our Daughter 1

    The Grand Seer just sighed, seeing as he was too stubborn and hurt to listen.

    "With her powers, it changes everything... ".

    "How does it change anything?".

    "In time we would be able to win the battle between us and the dark mages. We wouldn't lose mages to their schemes anymore".

    "How sure are you about this?".

    "Very, you can trust me. My visions and prophecy are always correct".

    "For her sake, I hope so".


    A week later, the Lady regained some strength back and was able to walk around for a little while, as she lost her strength after she breast fed her child.

    "My Lady, you need to rest now that the young Lady is asleep" Ari spoke calmly to the Lady.

    Ever since Lady Alvina regained her strength, it had been a problem as she would not do anything.

    She stared at the open space, apparently lost in thoughts. She barely spoke except when breast feeding her daughter.

    "My Lady, please" Rina stepped closer to Lady Alvina and begged her.

    "How can I rest when my daughter is that way? Would the world accept her with such a flaw? She was supposed to be very beautiful. What went wrong? Why did the ancestors, the gods chose to do this to me?"

    None of them answered, perhaps they weren't so sure of what to answer to her questions.

    "What of the healers My Lady. Can't they... "

    She was cut short by Rina. "They have tried but they couldn't heal the scar of the young Lady".

    "That's enough Rina. Ari, the healers have done their best."

    "But it is not enough."

    "Correct, I just do what it takes to heal her."

    "What are you going to do now My Lady?"

    The room became silent as the maids waited for her answer.

    "I would search all magic books I can lay my hands on. There must be something somewhere, I refuse to accept her fate like this."

    "Yes my Lady".

    "We would gather all magic books we can lay hands on and bring them to the library."

    "Very well then".

    "But please My Lady, rest a while."

    "All right I will."

    She waved her hand to dismiss them and they left the room. Slowly, she made her way to her daughter and carried her from her baby cot in her arms.

    "Little love, I would find a way to heal you. I would do my best for you. Sleep on and dream happy dreams."

    She rocked the baby in her arms as her gaze slowly trailed the room.


    In the council room, the Grand Chief listened to the report of the day as he sat on his chair.

    A man wearing a dark blue suit and a pair if matching trousers, opened a file and read to him.

    "My Lord, there has been another accident, an explosion this time. The building of Lord Derek collapsed but upon clearer investigation, there was no natural cause at all. We suspect that the dark mages had a hand to play in that destruction" the man paused his speech and waited for a reply from the Grand Chief but none came.

    "The investigation team requests an approval with the Grand Chief to go the the lair of the dark mages and investigate further."

    He paused again and waited a while but got no response.

    "My Lord" he called out to him but no reply.

    "My Lord, Grand Chief."

    There was no reply. As he made his way to touch the Grand Chief the doors to the Council room opened.

    "Lord Aslan."

    Woken from his daze, he sat up and looked at the person who opened the door.

    "Lord Aslan."

    "Yes, what is it Reed?"

    "It is Lady Alvina"

    "What about her Reed?"

    "She collapsed".

    Before he could say anything more, Aslan dashed out of the council room and ran at top speed to his room.

    Minutes later he got to his room upstairs and pushed the door open with great force. His heartbeat was racing fast and it felt like it had jumped into his mouth.

    He quickly scanned the room and soon found his wife lying down on their bed. Panicked, he rushed to her side on the bed and knelt down.

    Ari was sitting at the other side of the bed and cleaning Alvina's forehead with a wet clean napkin.

    While Rina left to get a change of water. As soon as they caught sight of the Grand Chief, Ari quickly stood up while Rina paused in her tracks as they greeted him with a bow.

    "Welcome Lord Aslan."

    "Hmmm" that was his reply to them as he didn't spare a glance their way but instead kept his gaze fixed on Alvina.

    Slowly he caressed her head and took over what Ari was doing.

    "My Lord, you do not need to bother with this task. I can do it."

    "It is not a bother, she is my wife. It is my duty"  he smiled as he took the wet napkin from Ari's hand.
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