7 Shes Our Daughter 2

    Moments late, Rina came in with a fresh bowl of clean water.

    "Bring it here" he ordered.

    When she took it to him, he had her place it on a stool by the bed. "When did she, I mean how long as she been like this?"

    "Thirty minutes My Lord."

    "Okay. You may leave now, go attend to the baby."

    "My Lord, but... "

    "Go Ari, Rina. I can take it from here."

    "Yes Master Aslan."

    With that they left him and Alvina alone in the room and closed the door behind them.

    He dipped the napkin in the fresh water and squeezed it.

    "My love, please be all right. What would I do if I lose you?"

    He had a pained expression on his face as he patted her forehead with the wet napkin.

    He was lost in thoughts again and didn't notice when his wife opened her eyes. Slowly she started raising her head and this got his attention, awakening him from his day dream.

    "Alvina, you shouldn't move, rest on please."

    He guided her back to rest her head on the pillow.

    "Aslan... " she began to say but he cut her off.

    "I won't hear it Alvina, you are just too stubborn for your own good. Stop with all these things you are doing. Please, I am so worried."

    She gave him a cute smile.

    "Don't smile at me, I am mad at you Alvina" he reprimanded her and got a pout instead.

    When he saw her reaction, his sternness broke.

    His cute wife always knew his weakness.

    "She knows I cannot stand seeing her pout like that and she uses it as an escape route every time I reprimand her" he thought to himself.

    "Not this time wife."

    "Oh come on, it always work" she pouted again.

    "Honestly it is working, but Alvina you need to stop this whole charade. I am angry at you. You got me scared out of my wits when I heard you fainted. What about me? Don't I need you too? Is it only her you'll think about? I need my wife too you know!"

    He kept on rambling and didn't notice the tears that had started to form in his wife's eyes.

    "Is that what you think this is about? A charade?"

    As he saw her tears, he felt helpless.

    "No Alvina, it is... I didn't mean it like that."

    "Then you meant it how Aslan?"

    She slowly pushed herself up to a sitting position brushing his hands that tried to help her.

    "I'm sorry".

    "No you're not."

    "I am and I have all right to scold you. Think of your life, think of me too not only her."

    "She's our daughter Aslan. She's our daughter. I am thinking of you too. I want to give you the daughter you wanted. Do you think it is easy? I can't bear to see my child that way, it is not about me, but I am well concerned about her future. Would the world accept her this way?"

    "So you want to throw your life away?"

    "I'd give anything just to be able to heal her. Even my life, because I am a mother, her mother."

    She shouted the last part at him.

    "I am also her father. Stop this whole thing" he shouted back at her.

    "The healers have all tried, but to no avail. Can't you see what this is doing to you?"

    "I won't stop."

    He got up, feeling frustrated, he started pacing about in the room.

    "Why did the ancestors chose to torment me this way? What wrong did I ever do? What kind of trick is this? I never asked for an all powerful Enchantress. I only wanted a female child that's all."

    "I would read all magic books I lay my hands on and find a way for her. I won't give up on her. Just because the ancestors chose to play a trick, doesn't mean I should abandon my blood."

    "She is a reincarnation gone wrong."

    "What do you want me to do? Kill her?"

    "Perhaps that might be a possible solution. We can have another child."

    "What are you saying?"

    "The world won't want her."

    "I want her."

    "She would lead a difficult life. Is that what you want? For her to be stigmatized?"

    "I cannot kill my own. I can't kill an innocent child. She didn't ask for this as well. She is just a victim of fate... "

    "As we are. We too are victims" he said cutting her short.

    "And I am the one on the losing end. Stuck with a daughter like that and losing the woman I love the most."

    She looked at him and felt her heart broke at his words. She burst out weeping uncontrollably.

    "I want her to live but I fear for her life. It might not be worth living. I don't want her in that misery."

    He made his way to his wife and sat down beside her.

    "Killing her is not an option. I would find a way."

    "Alvina... "

    "It is my decision Aslan. I won't give up on our daughter."

    "I hate this stubborn side of you."

    "Funny, how is that possible? Seeing as it is the side of me you love the most."

    "I love you Alvina."

    "I love you too" she rested her head on his shoulders as a smile crept up her cheeks.
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