8 Jade

    "By the way, you haven't even named her" he sighed and regretted doing that afterwards.

    "What? Do you hate her that much that you don't want to name her? She's our daughter Aslan."

    He slouched his shoulders. He was already frustrated as it was.

    "I didn't say so. Let's just name her Eirian. It's her reincarnation, so let her have her original name."



    "Yes, I want her to feel new not like she is living another person's life."

    "Huh, giving her another name would make her feel like she is living another person's life. She reincarnated Alvina."

    "Whatever, I do not care if she is a reincarnation or not."

    "Okay. How about Emily?"

    "Can her name not start with the letter E!"

    "Okay, what do you suggest?"

    "I would call her Jade."

    "She doesn't look anything like... "

    "Aslan... " she cut him short again. "You're unbelievable, she's our... "

    "She's our daughter. How many times would I hear those words today?" He interrupted her.

    "As many times as I have to say it for it to sink into your head. This is not you Aslan. You loved this child"

    "That was before she was born and the gods cheated."

    "Hmm... It is fate. I can't explain but she is so much more. I can feel it, there's more to this child than meets the eye" he made a face but she chose to ignore him.

    "Anyway, I gave her that name, because the Enchantress that was foretold, was someone pure of heart, she may not be on the outside as such but she is on the inside, I know so."

    "As you wish Alvina, as you wish. After all you are her mother".

    "Yes and that, I am never wrong. My instincts tells me so. I would always be here in your heart Aslan. Never forget that. I love you, both of you."

    "I love you too" she looked at him sternly, "okay, okay. I love both of you."

    "I wish you could see what I see."

    "Shhh, just relax on me. I need you to be well."

    "I will darling."

    Deep in her heart, she knew those words were a lie. If there was anything, she was no longer fading away. She was fading so fast.

    As stubborn as she was, she didn't want to admit it. She needed to find a way to heal her daughter, and that mattered to her more than anything.


    Days passed by, but still Alvina couldn't find a cure for her daughter and she grew weaker by the day.

    Aslan was drifting more into his day dreaming. He was losing her and it was fast. He doctor did say she had about two years to live, but at this rate, she had merely months.

    He couldn't bear to lose her, she was his everything. And his life was going down the drain at the thought of losing her.


    Alvina was in her bedroom resting as usual when the doors to her from opened.

    She quickly lifted herself from her bed and saw that it was Rina.

    "Oh it's only you Rina."

    "Sorry to disturb you My Lady, but you have guest. They are in the living room."


    "Sorry My Lady, it is Lady Layla and her son."

    "Oh Layla, all right serve them, I'll be down in a little while."

    "Yes My Lady" she bowed her head and turned to leave.


    "Yes My Lady" she said as she turned to face Alvina.

    "Where is Ari?"

    "Oh, Ari took the young Lady to the garden for a walk."

    She just smiled upon hearing the news.

    "Should I have her bring the young Lady?"

    "No, it's fine. She should enjoy the fresh air. You may go now."

    And so Rina left the room and headed downstairs to the living room.

    Now, Lady Layla was the wife of Council man Lord Reed. They have been friends with each other since their university days.

    Rina got to the living room and delivered the message to Lady Layla who was busy trying to control her three years old son

    "Oh Rina, it is all right. I'll wait for her. Thank you."

    "I would be right back to get you some desserts while you wait."

    "That would be nice. Thank you."

    Rina left to get desserts for Lady Layla.

    Minutes later, Lady Alvina came down gracefully, but on a closer look, one would see that she was careful not to trip. She was weak and held herself up in this graceful manner to not show that.

    Unfortunately for her, this friend of hers knew her like the back of her hand and caught hold of what was happening.

    Quickly, she rushed to her side as she came down the staircase and assisted her to sit down.

    "Ohh Alvina. You shouldn't have, I could have come to meet you or go and come another time."

    "Enough Layla. I'm fine beside, what took you so long to come visit?"

    She raised her voice getting angry. Silence ensued and after two minutes of just staring at each other, they burst into a round of laughter.

    "I've missed you dear friend."

    "As did I Layla" Layla leaned in and hugged her friend.
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