10 Now, Do You Understand? 1

    Layla looked at Alvina and then back at her son.

    "You want to see some flowers?" He nodded again.

    "Let's go then."

    Alvina, Layla with her son Eriel all made their way outside towards the garden with Rina following closely behind.

    Outside in the garden, Ari carries the baby girl in her arms as she rocks her to a lullaby.

    "Flower, gleam and glow

    Let your power shine

    Make the clock reverse

    Bring back what once was mine

    Heal what has been hurt

    Change the Fate's design

    Save what has been lost

    Bring back what once was mine

    What once was mine."

    She twirled a little bit but was too engrossed in the baby that she didn't notice the group of people a distance away from her.

    "Now there princess, you are beautiful just like a flower. Ignore what anyone has to say, you'll always be Lady Alvina's beautiful daughter."

    "Gerrhhggh" the baby in her arms made some noise at she reached out her little hands to Ari.

    "My my, you are cheerful today princess" she sighed. "If only, I wished the song had work some magic and healed you like in the animation. Then, Lady Alvina would be at rest."

    The next thing Lady Alvina knew, she had tears running down her cheeks as she saw the affection given to her daughter.

    Layla turned to look at her and noticed it too. She reached out her free hand not holding her son and patted Alvina on the shoulder.

    Rina just stood behind them fighting back the tears that threatened to spill.

    Unknown to Ari the drama that went on behind her back, she began to tickle the little baby a bit. The little baby laughed in response to what Ari did as she was having fun.

    "Aren't you the beauty when you laugh. Beautiful Jade. Want to laugh more?"

    "Ari" a voice called out to her and she immediately jolted at the sound then turned around.

    "My Lady" as if caught doing something wrong, she had fear and a look of surprise written on her face.

    "Why do you look like you've seen a ghost?" Alvina asked her as the bunch moved closer to the frightened girl.

    Getting herself back, she moved to close the distance between them.

    "My Lady" she bowed her head a bit. "Good afternoon Lady Layla" she politely greeted.

    "Good afternoon Ari. Loosen up, you look terrifying that way."

    Alvina gently wiped her tears away as she reached out to hold her daughter in her arms. Ari handed over the baby to her mother.

    "Come Layla, come see my baby" she said to her friend with glee in her eyes.

    "Yes, that's right. I would no longer look at you and see the scar. I would look at you and see my beautiful daughter" she thought to herself as Layla came to her side.

    She had a look of shock on her face, but quickly hid the look away.

    "It was no wonder Alvina had been killing herself finding a cure, no mother would want their child to have a scar like that. I would do the same if I were in her shoes" Layla thought to herself.

    She gazed upon the baby for a long time before she turned her gaze to her friend.

    "I understand Alvina. I'm sorry, sorry I haven't been here to help you."

    "It's okay Layla. There was nothing you could do, you were sick at the time I put to bed. If it's anything, I am to blame."

    "No you're not".

    "I shut myself out of the world. I didn't pick any calls nor talk to you online... " she started to talk but Layla cut her short.

    "Alvina, stop it. No one expects you to do all those after all you went through."

    "I left the business for you even when you were sick."

    "Oh my God, Alvina. You worrying cute woman. The business ran without us, your priority now is to your daughter and husband" she scolded her.

    Layla sighed, it was hard dealing with a stubborn Alvina.

    "Now where was I?" She turned her gaze back to the baby.

    "Beautiful love, grow up strong okay, so you can handle your mother for me."


    "What Alvina? You are too stubborn for your own good. Do not interrupt this godmother and god daughter time" she said to her as she ignored her pout.

    "Now my darling goddaughter, you know..." She paused in her speech for a minute before continuing.

    "On a closer look behind this scar, you look a lot like your mother. You've got her facial features. Yes you are the Enchantress's reincarnation but, you've got some qualities from your mother."

    She turned her gaze back to Alvina. "You've got her blue eyes, her V-face, her full eye lashes and brows. So my dear you are beautiful."
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