12 Dark Magic Council : Meeting 1

    At the outskirts of the city stood a very big mansion.

    In a big room, with little or no lights. There was a big table in the center of the room with chairs at the sides.

    Men and women sat on either side of the table. At the edge of the table was a different chair, with a man on it.  He seemed to be in his late forties, he sat there and listened to them argue.

    "Lord Drake" a masculine voice called, pulling him out of his thoughts.

    "Yes... Councilman Torren, what is it?"

    "Well Lord Drake, we were asking your final thought on what actions are to be taken" the middle aged man, Councilman Torren explained to the head of the Dark Magic Council.

    "Okay. Ummm well, can we go over this again?" He asked the men and women sitted there.

    "Lord Drake, we discovered that the Light Magic Council was blessed with the all powerful Enchantress Eirian, through a reincarnation into the Grand Elder's daughter" a Lady explained.

    "True and that put us off in a bad situation if that girl grows up" another man spoke up.

    "It puts us on the receiving end, they'd be able to cage us"

    "Clip our wings"

    Two other men spoke up, all airing his thought.

    "What do you suggest then, my Council men?" Lord Drake asked again, once more lost in his thoughts.

    "How could the gods, ancestors or heavens.... How could they do such a thing? Each time they send something for the Light Magic Council. I mean who cares about us, that Damn Grand Chief... With that child, it's l like a ticking time bomb" he thought to himself.

    " How about we penetrate them. Enter the mansion and kill the child now that she is still an infant?"

    Everyone turned their head in the direction of the owner of the voice.

    It was a Lady, donned in all black attire, black hat, black tight body fitted exposed sleeveless dress, and two black gloves on either hand and a black necklace to go with her matching black earrings.

    Oh yes, this Lady was an epitome of evil and she wore it proudly.

    "What? Why is everyone staring at me like that? Like you ain't thinking of it. I just said what was on everyone's mind".

    Oh yes, that was part of her magic power. The ability to read minds. She was one sexy, slutty devilish, conniving, smart woman.

    Its no wonder she wasn't married. Well she didn't want to be tied down to any dumbass.

    "Lady Vania, how do you propose we do that?" Council man Torren asked her.

    She adjusted in her seat as all gaze were on her.

    "Well, Lady Vania. You can't expect us to just waltz in there and search the whole building. Or go ask Aslan for the keys to his house and a house tour" another Lady spoke up.

    "Why, why.... That could work as well you know" she replied with a sarcastic laugh.

    "Vania" all heads turned at the sound of that masculine voice.

    The only male permitted to call her by her name without her tittle. None other dared except this man, the Lord of their Dark Magic Council.

    The sternness in his voice signified he had of course, had enough of her games and she should go straight to the point and stop with her taunting laughter.

    She clears her throat slowly, with her eyes locked on his eyes.

    "For starters, we can watch the household, either kidnap a maid or I would have said opened a portal that would take us straight inside but Aslan would notice."

    "True. Carry on" the Lord of the Dark Magic Council stated flatly as he held her gaze not backing down from their staring competition.

    "So kidnapping an insider is best and we, well someone shapeshifts using magic and enter into the house as the kidnapped person... That's after we have tortured the person to get all the necessary information about that house, then we make our move Lord Drake."

    Everyone kept quiet as they watched the show down between the two most highest ranking member of the Dark Magic Council have a stare down.

    "Well that is a nice idea Lady Vania, so do we all agree to it?"

    Lord Torren, who was the third ranking member in the Dark Magic Council and the second highest ranking male spoke to break those two from their competition and have everyone's focus back on the subject matter.

    "Fine" Councilman Brad said.

    "I second that" Lady Esmeralda replied.

    "I go with them" Lady Prudence added.

    One by one they all agreed, except Lord Drake.  Up till this time, he hadn't spoken about her suggestion yet.

    They still held each other's gaze as the others answered.

    Lord Torren cleared his throat to get their attention, twice before they both turned their gaze at him, at the same time.
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