13 Dark Magic Council : Meeting 2

    One by one they all agreed, except Lord Drake.  Up till this time, he hadn't spoken about her suggestion yet.

    They still held each other's gaze as the others answered.

    Lord Torren cleared his throat to get their attention. Twice actually, before they both turned their gaze at him, at the same time.



    They both asked.

    "Well Lord Drake, we have all agreed with Lady Vania" Lord Torren said filling him in.

    "Hmm, okay. Before I agree to this, who would do this. Who is going in?"

    There was no response... Everyone looked from one person to another, still no one made a move, signifying that they would go.

    Lord Drake's gaze shifted from one person to the next in the council room.

    They all seemed to shift in their seat as they felt uncomfortable under his intense gaze.

    "Really? Nobody wishes to undertake this mission?"

    His soft and masculine voice seemed to echo loudly throughout the now dead silent room.

    He scoffed before he laughed out loud.

    "Do you mean to say, that there is no one here with the heart to walk into the Grand Chief's abode?"

    He said to them but shouted the last part out so loud as his eminent anger began rising.

    He scoffed, "Tell me why they won't be above us, when we hide our tail in between our legs and cower in fear."

    "It's not like that Lord Drake" Lady Esmeralda began saying but his shout shut her up.

    "Then explain to me how it is... You all should be itching for an opportunity to get back at them and here you are, scared out of your wits. If a junior dark mage is scared, I would understand. But not high mages like yourselves."

    Lady Esmeralda bowed her head in shame, as did all of them, except...

    "I'll go, since it was my idea. I mean you are all thinking it right?"

    They could barely lift up their heads at this point, they were dead ashamed right now. It was bad already offending Lord Drake, no one wanted to add the all cunning, devilish Lady Vania to it. But unfortunately they did once they had that thoughts in mind.

    "Or you all want me to go?"


    "We wouldn't dare"

    They tried to dispute that thought he had. No one wanted to anger the Dark Mag, Lord Drake.

    "But you do dare" her voice came out as low and calm again.

    Their heads turned to face her, "No My Lady, we don't dare" one of the ladies spoke up.

    "But you did dare think of it" Lady Vania said with that calm tone again.

    "No my Lady, I do not" the young woman, just a little below Lady Vania in age said as she shuddered in fear.

    This was Lady Vania, the devilish Queen who could kill you without lifting a finger or using her magic. She was dreadful indeed, and the only one who could dare match up to Lord Drake of come close. Many say, the extent of his power is unknown.

    They fit each other so much, but for some unknown reason, no one knew why they weren't together. They'd make the deadliest pair, that this magic Council and others would see.

    There was evil in their blood, which was high above what the others could reach.

    "Are you calling me a Li-i-ar?" She asked with nonchalance in her voice and stressing the last word to make emphasis.

    By now, almost everyone broke out in cold sweat. For they knew what was coming for the young Council woman was not going to be good.

    They had it coming when some thought that she should go. But someone just had to fall in her palms.

    "I dare not Lady Vania. Please forgive me" the Lady begged her.

    "So, you do acknowledge that you dared to think of it" she said again.

    The Lady kept quiet and didn't answer. She didn't know how she would answer to that and well her silence, did help her answer.

    "You thought I should go?"

    That was it, his masculine calm, yet authoritative voice rang out again across the quiet room.

    The Lady didn't answer, she only shuddered in fear.

    "Cassie, did you think I should go?" He shouted this time.

    As before, her silence gave her away. The next thing anyone knew, he disappeared and appeared at her side.

    Everyone except Lady Vania who had a thrilling smile on her face, was shocked.

    "Look at me Cassie" as soon as he said those words, he bent to her eye level.

    And just like an hypnotic charm, she turned her head against her will and looked him in the eyes.

    She fought with everything her mind had got, to not turn but she was weak.

    The next thing they all knew, she was screaming in anguish.

    No one knew what Lord Drake had shown her and no one wished to know except the She Devil herself.

    Some who have experienced this torture, said he'd show you your worst fear and heighten it with some demonic torture of his own.

    It was like being in hell or perhaps much worse.

    "Ahhh, ahhhhh nooooooooo... Make it stop, don't come near... Aaaarrhhhhhhhh" those were the screams of torment that echoed in the entire room.
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