15 Dark Magic Council : Meeting 3

    "Ahhh, ahhhhh nooooooooo... Make it stop, don't come near... Aaaarrhhhhhhhh" those were the screams of torment that echoed in the entire room.

    Everyone kept quiet as no one dared to intervene in the torture Lady  Cassie's torment.

    They all kept their heads straight, without looking at the torture going on.

    Lord Drake on the other hand seemed to smile as he enjoyed her screams and suffering.

    Lady Vania was the only one who looked in that direction. She did so out of curiousity and her obvious lack of fear for Lord Drake. Well so everyone thought and she loved how she could control their thought patterns.

    But in reality she feared Lord Drake. He was one man she wanted but couldn't have. His mind felt like hardened steel and diamond that nothing could penetrate.

    She earnestly wanted to know what ran through that devilish mind of his. She wondered what kind of torture Lady Cassie was having and decided to take a look.

    She tried to pry into Lady Cassie's head and perhaps know her torture from what she was thinking  but there was a mind block.

    She trailed her gaze to Lady Cassie's side and her eyes met him. The blockage, he clearly knew she would pry and so blocked her out. She grinned as she eyed him seductively.

    She resigned herself to the fact that with Lord Drake, it was almost impossible. But it would be possible someday.

    This torture went on for five more minutes before Lady Cassie collapsed. She was about falling on the floor sideways when Lord Drake used his body to support her slim frame.

    He held her body against her chair with his left hand while he used his right hand to gently pat her on the head twice.

    "There, there Cassie. That's better now. I hope you've learnt your lesson and you know your place" he gently let her rest her back on the chair and stood straight before walking back to his seat like nothing of that sort happened.

    Lady Cassie on the other hand looked like someone who had seen a ghost in a lifeless form. Her eyes were wide open as they stared straight ahead. Her shoulders were slouched and her hands fell lifelessly on either side of her body.

    She looked like a living corpse. It would take her several weeks before she would recover. Even at that, it wouldn't be a complete recovery as that experience would haunt her dreams.

    "Such a disgraceful look for a Lady" everyone except Lord Drake had their heads turned at the only person who could make such a comment with that voice.

    Lady Vania had a way of always making a terrible situation more terrible. True, it was a non Lady like look but who would look normal after going through Lord Drake's mind torture.

    No one dared spoke or thought anything, they tried hard to empty their thoughts as it was obvious Lady Vania was looking for her next scape goat after what they thought.

    "Hahhaaahhaa" her laughter rang out in the quiet room, "Well I suppose we would let this pass, won't we Ladies?"

    She asked as her gaze swept across everyone and only lingered on the Ladies in the room, obviously awaiting their responses but everyone knew it was a trap.

    They just didn't know how to reply to her because she could change anything to whatever and however she likes.

    Finally some cleared his throat, her gaze flickered to meet the Councilman.

    "Hah, Councilman Grey, do you agree with me?"

    "Well I just want to relay my opinion on the issue at hand, I would go. I volunteer to get into Aslan's mansion and kill his infant child."

    "Interesting, are you sure?" Lady Vania asked.

    "Yes, she may be an infant now but she is a threat to us. We better deal with her now that she knows nothing than wait for a full blown Enchantress."

    "I like your thinking. What say you Lord Drake?" She asked him with a sinister smile on her face.

    Lady Vania, she really was something else.

    "No, I'll go" the voice of a Lady was heard.

    "Esmeralda!" Lady Vania had a shocked look on her exquisite flawless face but everyone knew she wasn't shocked one bit.

    "No I would go" Councilman Brad said again.

    "You know what, I'll go" a feminine voice sounded.

    "Lord Drake, who should go?" Lord Torren asked.

    "Hmm, she would go."
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