16 Dark Magic Council : Meeting 4

    "No I would go" Councilman Brad said again.

    "You know what, I'll go" a feminine voice sounded.

    "Lord Drake, who should go?" Lord Torren asked.

    "Hmm, she would go."

    Everyone 's head followed the direction of his head and their eyes landed on Lady Vania.

    "Well that settles it then. I would go."

    "After all it was your idea and plan" Draco said as a smile graced his lips.

    "It was my idea after all" she repeated after Lord Draco as she smiled back at him.

    They were at it again. Smiling at each other and having their stare down battle.

    No one interrupted this time around. Somehow, they felt relieved with all the tension going on. Let them just have their staring contest, it was better for everyone.

    But as favorable as it was to watch them stare at each other and not prey on them, it was tiring and overbearing. They wanted to leave this meeting as soon as possible.

    This went on for another fifteen minutes.

    "Lord Drake, Lady Vania?"

    "Yes?" They chorused.

    "Way ahead. Lady Vania, do you need any assistance?" Councilman Torren asked.

    "Why, thank you Councilman Torren, but no."

    "She wouldn't be having any trouble handling it, isn't that right Vania?"

    "Very well so Lord Drake. Well I guess that takes care of the problem baby enchantress now, doesn't it?"

    "It sure does. Now this meeting is adjourned. I would send word for the next meeting."

    "Thank you Lord Drake" they said in unison and rose up one after the other.

    "Oh and please do take Lady Cassie with you. Take her to the healers, we would be short of one council member now. Let them heal her, she needs all the help she can get as of now. I would personally select the next council member, after all it would take months before Cassie recovers."

    "Yes, Lord Drake, we would head to the healers right now" Councilman Torren slightly bowed his head to him and they took Cassie with them as they filed out the room on cold sweat.

    It was remaining Lady Vania and Lord Drake. After they all left, she stood up and left her seat, not saying a word to Lord Drake.

    The next moment he was right next in front of her. She had a startled expression on her face.

    "Ohh, Lord Drake, you startled me" she lightly touched her head with the back of her palm.

    He held her hand in front if her face. "Stop lying Vania. You were not surprised, in fact you wanted it."

    "I do not understand what you are saying Lord Drake" she feigned ignorance.

    Before she knew what was happening, he inched his face very close to hers and what showed on his face was a hellish, devilish monster and not a human being's face.

    It happened so quickly, but one would have gotten scared out of their wits so easily, but not Vania.

    Somehow she stood her ground, firm and didn't even blink. She just half smiled.

    "Lord Drake, what are you doing?"

    He just smiled at her. "I know you tried to pry into Cassie's head when she was undergoing her punishment" he said changing the topic.

    "If you knew, then why did you block me out?"

    "Because it is a personal punishment. If you want yours, just say it and you would get it. No need to pry."

    "Well you still wouldn't be giving, so i'll pass and get to work" she side stepped and walked past him. He quickly held her left arm.

    "If you want to witness it so bad, just say the word my dear Vania."

    "Very well Lord Drake. Punish me and show me my worst nightmare in the best thrilling torture ever" she said seductively.

    He pulled her closer to him in one swift move and she was in his arms, flesh against flesh as they stared into each other's eyes.

    Others would flinch or try to resist the pull towards those demonic orb, but not Vania. She gladly welcomed it.

    Alas, the torture began...

    What she saw, what he saw, shocked him instead.

    Her worst nightmare was nothing near a nightmare. She moaned his name rather than screaming in pain and anguish.

    "Awnn, hmmm yeah... Faster Drake. Make me yours Lord Drake, break my will... Umm!"

    "... "
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