17 Plan in Action

    "Awnn, hmmm yeah... Faster Drake. Make me yours Lord Drake, break my will... Umm!"

    "... "

    Lord Drake was shocked, what was wrong with this Lady? Rather than feel his torment she was in fantasy dream.

    Not just any dream, it was a fantasy about him sleeping with her. This was meant to be a nightmare but she was clearly enjoying herself.

    He wondered if she was immune to his power or was it that his power had a fluke or she was simply faking it. It had to be the latter.

    He quickly ended her fantasy, she closed and opened her eyes, those blue orbs seemed to twinkle as she stated him back in the eye with a triumphant smile on her beautiful face.

    "I hope you enjoyed yourself Lord Drake, now if you'll excuse me, I have a plan to be put into action and rid the Dark Magic Council of this threat."

    He \u0026ave her a small smile, "Very well Vania, happy to have given you such a thrill and pleasure."

    "If you are happy to have given me such a thrill, then come on over anytime and I would return the favour My Lord."

    "You may carry on and put your plan in action Vania. I await the result."

    He stepped aside to let her pass but she didn't move. "Don't you mean, you await the good news?"

    "It depends on you. Bring me a good news and I'll call it that, bring me a bad news and I'll let you experience real nightmare."

    "Lord Drake, as you have seen, my nightmare is a pleasure sanctuary. That would be a reward not a punishment" she opened her mouth in a shocked laughter with no sound.

    He didn't utter a word to her again, she closed her mouth, put on a perfect smile and walked away from the council room.


    On a bright and sunny day in the city, cars of different kinds roamed the city. People hurrying to their place of business.

    Students in school uniforms hurry to get to school on time. All seemed busy, just like every other busy city day in the 21st century.

    In a certain part of the city towards it's center, stood one of the most magnificent mansions the city could ever have.

    It was home to second most richest families in the city. They owned an academy, a catering service, a pasta industry and a fashion house.

    It was home to the Grand Chief, Aslan Bruce. The mansion was painted with three different colors, Orange, White and Green. Dignifying Creativity, Purity and Stability.

    It was also used as the flag of the academy and symbol for their other businesses. What the mass didn't know was that it headed the Light Magic Coven in the city and country.

    Magic wasn't practiced in the open here, people relied more on science to explain things in life and slowly, the world had come to drift from relying on the mages to being independent.

    So, magic was almost a thing of folks tale, stories and soon forgotten. They had to hide their activities but the people didn't know they operated virtually everything using the same art that had long been forgotten.

    Outside the big mansion was mostly empty save a few cars which where packed at the opposite street in front of another house. Most of the cars were particularly empty.

    In one of the not empty cars, was a lady in her late thirties but she looked so young like a lady in her early twenties and a driver at the driver's seat.

    She wore a black straight skirt and a black off shoulder top with a black shade to match. As usual, she had her black gloves and black heels but these set of gloves had intricate silver design on them.

    Her black hair was let down and the curls danced at her back while some came to her front and rested on her breasts. She had a double tube telescope 20 X50 outdoor night vision high definition, high double waterproof force looking glasses telescope.

    With it she used to view the mansion from where she was in the car. Hours upon hours passed, first day gone. The next day she came and staked out, she did this for three days straight still no maid left the compound.

    On the third day, a car pulled in front of the house and she saw a young girl came out of the huge mansion and entered the car and it zoomed off towards the gate.

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