18 Is That... Lady V!?

    She asked her driver to follow after that Nissan Murano car that just left.

    "Yes ma'am" the driver of the Mazda CX-7 car they were in replied and the chase began.

    They followed suit, slowly from behind trailing the Nissan Murano that left.

    Not long after, they arrived at a very big supermarket and the Black Nissan Murano car packed in an empty space in the parking lot.

    The Mazda CX-7 pulled into the parking lot and parked not too far from the Nissan Murano.

    Lady Vania quietly waited for the person in the passengers seat to come out and watched. After the young girl highlighted from the car, she walked towards the doors of the huge supermarket.

    Lady Vania took the opportunity and got out of her car as she slammed the door close. She wore a green coat reaching her knees with a black inner and matching black heels.

    She had her hair packed in a ponytail with curly ends, a Gucci black purse with a streak of green and red and a black shade hung on her coat . She looked exquisite as she gaze at her surroundings.

    Her eyes came to land on the big post, Emerald Shoprite signifying the name of the supermarket.

    It was a big place, with lots of buildings in it and for various purposes. It had a supermarket, a cinema, a swimming pool, am even centre, an eatery and a bakery.

    The young girl had walked into the supermarket building, so Lady Vania's gaze lingered on the said building for a while. All of a sudden...

    "Is that... Lady V!?" A girl in her late teens yelled as she pointed at her.

    There were several people in the parking lot, so as the young girl yelled out her name that she was fond called, a lot of eyes followed the girl's hand and landed on her.

    "Mira! It is her, look" the young girl shook her friend as she pointed at her.

    "Damn it" Lady Vania quickly turned, took her glasses hung on her coat and wore it, then said some spells and turned back around.

    By now a lot of people had rushed to where she was, just to meet the celebrity. She was one of the city's most wealthy and influential persons. She ranked number four among the top 5, of which Lord Drake ranked third and Lord Aslan second.

    She was also used for some magazines and she had her business. The public nicknamed her Lady V for short as it also added a kind of spice to her.

    She really was a top notch and it was rare to see her without her entourage. So everyone took this opportunity to meet her.

    As she turned to look at them they all had a mixture of different emotions written all over their faces. Some where shocked, confused,  embarrassed, wowed and while some had a look of unbelief.

    "I am sorry."

    "That's not her!"

    "She looked exactly like Lady V just now."

    "But... I know what I saw."

    "How can this be!"

    "She is so gorgeous."

    "I-I-I a-am so-rry" stuttered the girl who caused this whole problem at first. She still had a shocked and unbelieved expression on her face as she tried hard to come with up with a reasonable explanation.

    Her hands were still stretched about to touch Lady Vania but hung midway. Her friend quickly dropped her hand and apologized repeatedly to the Lady in front of them.

    "We are sorry Miss, please forgive us, we didn't mean to embarrass you like that" her friend apologized.

    By now some of the passerby had left when they saw she wasn't the one. Lady Vania took this moment to remove her glasses, giving them a proper view of the Lady she changed herself to.

    But also to make sure this image was imprinted on their minds and erase hers with her magic.

    "Perhaps I look like her, in fact I am honored to have been mistaken for her, but sadly I'm not."

    She flashed a breathtaking seductive smile their way, the men and boys there felt like drooling.

    "She may not be Lady V but she sure as hell is hot" one of the teens whispered to his friend but she heard it.



    They all had different words for her, she put back on her glasses and half smiled.

    "Now if you may excuse me, I've got shopping to do" Lady Vania said while maintaining a gentle and calm demeanor.

    "How can someone look so much like her!?"

    "Unbelievable... "
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