19 Supermarket: Hypnotized

    "You need someone to escort and help you Miss?" One of the cheeky teen asked.

    "No thank you, I can manage. Please may I be on my way?"

    "By all means" they quickly gave way for her to pass and she left.

    "Snap out of it Nina. That's what happens when you dote on a celebrity like that all your life" her friend angrily nudged her.

    "I was sure, that's why I was shocked."

    "Lady V doesn't do her shopping herself without her body guards and entourage you know. That lady just looked a little bit like her, no biggie especially with her shades on" her friend tried to convince her.

    "You may be right Mira."

    "Let's just leave okay," they walked away, but Lady Vania, heard all their conversations quite clearly and grinned to herself.

    Getting back on track, she put on her glasses and majestically walked to the entrance of the store. A security guard pushed the door open to let her in.

    She in turn gave him a warm smile and made her way into the supermarket.

    Staring at her were lots and lots of shelves with different things to purchase. She lazily sighed as her gaze shifted from one shelf to the other, checking out their tags.

    "Almost lost her huh," she murmured to herself, "At the end of it all, I'd still returned to this. I had hoped that it wouldn't be so, now I have to hear their crazy thought," she sighed again. "I better get it all done and fast. Now 'let's see... "

    She closed her eyes but with the shade on, that simple activity could not be seen. She concentrated on the voices, trying to shuffle between them and get the right one, the one she was looking for, the one she needed to find the most.

    One would think that would be a hard fit, considering, what if the girl didn't talk...

    Well Lady Vania was a master at mind reading, the girl may not talk but she would definitely think.

    "Hmm should I pick this cereal?"

    "I love this soda."

    "No one is watching, might as well steal this juice in my bag pack."

    "Meh, check out that hogtie, that ass is as sexy as hell."

    "Come on, that an better not be cheating on me with that bitch, I need to eat the right meal and get a nice curvy meaty ass and boobs, better than hers."

    "This job sure is tiring! If not for the pay check."

    "Just look at them acting all giddly like the best couple, I beg it won't last a month."

    "I need to get her these beverages, perhaps that would make Lily smile and forgive me."

    "Why is that guy looking at me like that? Creepy."

    "Hmm, I wonder what I should get to make the Lady feel alive again. I wish Master would consider, besides Lady Alvina is doing everything for this child. It's not her fault the prophecy went wrong!"

    "Jackpot!!" She grinned from ear to ear, like a predator ambushing its prey, with no where to run.

    "Arrgghh, stupid humans and their thoughts. Why can't they mind their business? Pretending to be good but rotten inside," she started walking towards the source of the one thought she cared about the most.

    It didn't take her time, she found the young girl, close to the general grocery section. She wore a pair of trouser, a simple blue top and used a blue head band to pack her hair to the back.

    Lady Vania checked her out from the corner of her eyes, as she made her way to pick a packaged cookie.

    "So this is the nosy, caring maid. For a quite pretty girl, she sure is noisy in her mind," she thought to herself, as she occasionally stole a glance at her.

    She watched her for a while, moving with her in a not too obvious fashion.

    "Aslan, just you wait," she grimaced, "Now let the plan role in."

    "Hmm last thing to buy, chips for Lady Alvina, yup got it" she picked up the last items and put them in her shopping trolley. Lady Vania walked casually up close to her, when she got to where the girl stood, she coughed and greeted.

    "Hello," the girl turned her head to her side to see the stunning lady greeting her.

    She hadn't noticed Lady Vania yet, because she was too preoccupied with her own thoughts to bother. Lady Vania removed her shade down a bit, so the girl could look into her eyes.

    The worst possible move she could ever have made. Immediately she stared at those, pure hazel brown eyes, she was hypnotized stupid.

    "What's your name girl?"

    "Rina" she answered like a machine.

    "Follow me girl" Lady Vania ordered the girl.
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