20 Switch

    Without any protest, Rina followed behind her like the obedient servant she was, with her purse in one hand and the other pushing the shopping trolley.

    They walked up to the check point and Lady Vania stepped aside to let Rina pay up.

    "Oh dear Rina, please have these things checked and paid for let's go," she moved close to her ear and whispered, "meet me in the restroom outside, come alone."

    She gave her trade mark smile to the girl at the check point and mouthed bye to her, then left.


    In the restroom, Lady Vania washes her hands as she stared at her reflection in the mirror. Not long after, the door swings open and Rina entered.

    She had already dropped the goods in the car and excused herself to the restroom.

    "How nice of you to come. You would answer all my questions about the Grand Chief Aslan and his Enchanted daughter."


    *Twenty Minutes Later*

    "Damn it, I can't believe this is taking so long. I cannot get any useful information about his daughter from her, why? What did Aslan do? There's a barrier that keeps blocking me from getting to that part of her memory" she thought.

    Rina stood emotionless, staring into nothing, spaced out but not spaced out. It was the effect of Lady Vania's hypnotism.

    "My hypnotic charm wouldn't last very long, I need to make the switch and go. After all, I have gotten the layout and mannerisms of people living in the mansion. I can carry on this mission and do the deed," she whispered to herself this time, tightening her fingers into a fist.

    She turned her head to look at Rina, "You would do as I say, got it?"

    "Yes Mistress" Rina replied her robotically.

    "Vwr me squele amorè, sepri sink ah, nap waja, appere me quele ya shee manque escrania exhancheee nskme, seeiiii... "

    The room shone with a bit of light, and quietly Lady Vania did what needed to be done.

    Standing before her was herself, she had successfully made the switch, making Rina have her appearance and she Rina's.

    She snapped her fingers and the hypnotic charm was gone. Rina turned around to see where she was, then saw herself in front of her, slowly she peeled her eyes away from Lady Vania and looked at the mirror.


    A small sound escaped her lips as she saw herself as herself. The mirror never lied, but right now, looking at this Lady, she was her. Before she could utter a word...

    Lady Vania uttered, "Look at me," she reached forward and removed the shade from Rina's face, "In the eyes girl."

    There was a strong pull to that voice, as much as Rina tried to avoid her gaze, she found herself doing the exact opposite.

    Once more Rina stared at Lady Vania's eyes, as she redid the hypnotic charm.

    "Better, I can not risk the hypnotism wearing off, at least not until you've been taken to the safe house and tied up."

    She stared into Rina's eyes again, hoping to see something new in her thoughts but nothing of importance.

    She sighed, "You are me now."

    "I am y-you" she replied like a robot.

    "Yes, good. What a perfect doll you'll make, so obedient. Now when you get outside, walk up to a Mazda CX-7 car and sit down. You are not to say anything or do anything, sit there are obediently follow every command given. Understood?"

    "Yes, Mistress."

    "Now, I would leave first, then you follow a minute later" carefully, she arranged her outfit and left the restroom.


    As though nothing happened, Nina slowly walked up to the Nissan Murano, opened the door and entered the car.

    She sat at the back seat, "You took long back there" the driver's voice in the front seat rang through her ear, stopping her from what she was about doing.

    "Hehhee, sorry had a bit of a stomach trouble back there, and I couldn't hold till we got back. My apologies" she gave a valiant lie.

    "Okay, belt up."

    "Yeah, was about doing that, thanks" she hooked the belt by her side and watched the building s as he drove out.

    From the side mirror, she caught a glimpse of Rina entering the Mazda car.

    Her lips raised up a fraction, as a small smile spread across it. "Just you wait Aslan, I would bring you down. That hope and power you feel you have, I would snatch it away" she thought to herself.

    Her mind trailed and she recalled the last council meeting.

    "Lord Drake, I would complete this mission soon and have my one desire, you, moaning my name" her smile spread wider with her lips this time around.

    She chuckled lightly so only her could hear. "Infiltration, almost complete."
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