21 Infiltrated 1

    After Lady Vania and the Nissan Murano left, the black Mazda CX-7 car followed suit. As soon as it left the Shoprite premises, the driver drove at a top speed and in a matter of minutes, got close to a secluded part of the city, towards the outskirts.

    The driver stopped the car in front of a secluded house and highlighted from the car. He went over to the passengers side and opened the door for the young girl inside to come out.

    "Step out" he ordered.

    Obediently, Rina came out of the car and stood looking at him. He slammed the door shut after her and ordered her to follow him.

    "Follow me" they both left without uttering another word to each other.

    The building was the only one in that street, it stood tall in the middle of the sparse area of land. All around were green carpet grass, that spread far as the eyes could see.

    There was a long fence surrounding the whole compound, marking out the territory. The house stood tall on the hilly side of the whole land, it was made using bricks and had a car she'd close to the main house.

    It was a fine bungalow, painted with cream and blue, a very deceptive colour looking house, as compared to what it was for.

    The driver and Rina made their way into the compound and up to the bungalow. In no time, they got to the front porch of the house, the driver stepped in and opened the door using his key.

    He stepped aside and let her in. He led her to one of the rooms and let her in. It was particularly empty, save two chairs and a table in between. There were ropes on the table, a clean piece of handkerchief, a syringe and injection.

    He made her sit down and tied her to the chair, then gagged her mouth as well. He took the syringe and needle then injected the substance inside, into her. In no time, she lost consciousness.


    ~Grand Chief's Residence~

    At the same time, the Nissan Murano pulled in front of the big mansion, Lady Vania opened the door, thanked the driver and stepped out.

    "See ya, thanks" she gave him a charming smile as she took her shopping bags out of the car and waved, then went inside the mansion.

    Everything was just as she saw in Rina's mind. As soon as she entered, she was greeted by a stern looking girl. She was average looking, not older than twenty one or two, not too tall, 5 feet 6 inches tall.

    She had a brown hair, brown eyes, puffy cheeks that made her look cute, and a small lips to match the ensemble.

    She had a moderate backside, a C-Cup boobs and a slim waist. She wore a black dress, a white apron, and a black hairband, signifying her status as a maid.

    From Rina's memory, this was Ari, her co-maid. "Where have you been Rina?" Ari held her tiny waist with both hands as she towered above Rina.

    It couldn't be helped, Ari was taller than Rina with a full three inches, and the way she stood with a stern face made her look domineering, but honestly she was such a softie.

    "Do you know how hard it is watching after the Young Lady and running errands for the Lady!?"

    Lady Vania just gave a small awkward smile at the girl. "I'm sorry" she apologized.

    "What took you so long exactly?"

    "Well, you see... "

    "Huh uhh... Go on" Ari urged her.

    "I had a bit of a stomach trouble, so I had to use the restroom, I couldn't wait till I got back. It was so embarrassing" she gave a shy smile to follow suit with her explanation.

    "You should have called Rii, I was worried," Ari said relaxing her shoulders a bit after listening to her friend's explanation. "The Lady asked after you as well."

    "I am sorry, I didn't plan on taking so long, I left my phone in the car after buying the things and rushed to the restroom."

    "Anyway, welcome. Lady Alvina sent me to get her coffee and cookies," her expression became solemn, "she hasn't rested all day and she's still in the library, buried in books."

    "What about Grand Chief Aslan?" Lady Vania asked.

    Ari gave her a questioning look. "What!" Lady Vania asked.

    "Huh, we usually call him Master Aslan or Lord Aslan, or just the title, why did she change all of a sudden?" Ari thought.

    "Hey Ari, snap out of it" Lady Vania snapped her finger's in front of Ari. The girl gasped in shock as she was pulled out of her thoughts.

    "Huh! What did you say?"

    "Well you gave me a quizzical look, so... "

    "Nah its nothing, I just thought of something. Anyway, let me have the shopping bags, make sure to wash your hands and go tend to the Young Lady upstairs."

    She picked the shopping bags from Rina and walked away.
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