22 Infiltrated 2

    "Hmm... I flipped just now, calling him Grand Chief. It's a good thing she didn't think much to it. Perfect... I have infiltrated finally."

    She went to the kitchen, following after Ari and washed her hands.

    Unknown to her, Ari was watching her every move from the corner of her eyes while she prepared Lady Alvina's coffee. She noticed the unusual behavioral pattern of Rina.

    Sometimes she looked like as though she did things for the first time. At one instance, Lady Vania caught her staring at her but she quickly smiled and said, "Hehhe, Rina you are a bit slow. Hurry now upstairs, the Young Lady is all alone. I'll get going to Lady Alvina, she is waiting."

    "Yes, I would be on my way soon. I'm just a little bit tired after using the restroom, it felt as though my strength was drained."

    "Ohh, I see! I told you not to eat that Jam and cookies this morning with the ice cream, but you wouldn't listen."

    "Well, i just have a sweet mouth I guess" she flashed an embarrassing smile at Ari.

    "All right, I would come take over from you later so you can eat and rest. Lita prepared your favorite cookies, so you can eat them later and take drugs. Now bye."

    "Thank you, I can't wait," she replied Ari with a wave of her hand.

    "Good, now to head to the Enchanted child's room. I would enjoy ending your sorry reincarnated life" she smirked evilly to herself and made her way out of the kitchen.

    As soon as she left the kitchen, she saw Lady Alvina walking towards her from one of the corridors.

    "Rina, you're back. What took you so long?"

    "Ahh, My Lady. Good evening, I had a stomach problem, so I used the public restroom."

    "Why didn't you come home first. It's not nice to use a public toilet you know."

    "It was really urgent. I am sorry."

    "It's okay. Where is Ari?"

    "She left a moment ago to the library, she took a cup of coffee and some cookies for you."

    "Yes, I took a quick stroll. I would be heading back. Please look after Jade" Lady Alvina turned  and walked towards the library.

    "Yes My Lady" she bowed her head to her moving form.

    "Aslan, it's so easy to infiltrate your household. Even your darling wife couldn't notice anything. It's your fault your daughter is going to die, you and your stupid security" she muttered under her breath and slowly made her way up the stirs.

    Based on what she read and saw in Rina's memory, It didn't take her long, she found the room, Aslan daughter's room.

    She opened the door and walked into the room, gently closing it behind her to prevent alerting the child.

    She took in her surrounding, then made sure Lord Aslan wasn't around. She closed her eyes and tried to sense him, but couldn't find anything. "Perfect, the Lion is far from its cub. Jackpot!!"

    She made her way to the baby cot and looked in. There was a linen cloth hung over the cot, so one couldn't see the baby, but when she looked in, she saw the outline of a baby and grinned.

    The baby slept soundly in her cot without any care in the world. She appeared a knife in her hand, and used the other hand to hold the linen cloth, ready to remove the only impediment.

    "So peaceful, too bad for you, it ends now." With one hand lifted high in the air and another pulling aside the linen cloth, she lunge down quickly with her raised hand on the baby...

    Gbam!! Thud!

    As soon as her hand went down, there seemed to be a force, like a barrier, it pushed her back with a mighty force. Lady Vania's body was flung to the wall at a corner of the big room and fell down with a thud.

    She quickly got up on her feet and stalked closer to the cot. Large fish of wind hovered around the baby cot. Curtain flew up and down with the twirling wind, Jade's eyes flew open and a piercing cry filled the room.


    At the same time, the door pushed opened with a loud sound and a woman rushed in.

    "Jade!!" She called out and her head turned to the intruder, "What are you doing!" She yelled.

    "Hahhhhaaaa... "
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