23 Infiltrated 3: Who Are You

    Lady Alvina was very angry, as a matter of fact she felt like killing the intruder that infiltrated her home.

    "You're not Rina, who are you?" She growled out, like a lioness trying to protect its cub.

    "Ohh," she made a show, with her mouth open, her hand reach up and covered her mouth slightly in a pretending shocked fashion. "I've been found out." She grinned widely, displaying some set of teeth.

    "It wasn't hard actually... "


    Lady Alvina entered the library, closed the door and casually strolled towards the big table. She had her eyes down so she didn't notice Ari by the other side of the table.

    By the time she lifted her eyes to look up, she saw the young girl smiling at her. It wasn't a bright smile, more like a worried one.

    "My Lady, your coffee and cookies" Ari bowed her head to her.

    "Thanks Ari" she walked up to her sit close to Ari and sat down. "I met Rina, she told me you were here."

    "Yes My Lady."

    Lady Alvina noticed from her tone that Ari wasn't paying much attention, she raised her head to look at the girl by her side. One could easily read the worried look on her face.

    Her brows furrowed, noses scrunched, eyes squinted, she supported her chin with her right hand while the other hand was used to support her right elbow. It was like she was looking deep into something or someone.

    "Ari, anything the matter?"

    "Umm... Rina... "

    Alvina's lips parted, opening her mouth a fraction as she let out a small sound. She gasped at the fact that she wasn't the only one who noticed the strange behavior of Rina.

    "My Lady, something is not right. Rina never comes back from shopping late, though she gave a perfect excuse, but when she entered the kitchen, it was as though everything was strange and new. Moreover, she was slow, so I tried to test her. It is not Rina, My Lady, Rina doesn't like sweets and... "

    Before she could finish what she was saying, Lady Alvina got up and dashed out of the library, "Alert Aslan, they are after Jade" with that, she was out and running.

    She got to the staircase and raced through it, ignoring the pounding in her chest as her heart protested.

    All of a sudden... Gbam!! Thud!!

    Lady Alvina looked in the direction of her daughter's room, a shiver ran through her spine, making the hair on her body stand on edge.

    "Jade." Getting herself back, she made a run for the room.

    **Flashback Ends**

    "You flipped a whole lot" Lady Alvina said. Her gaze sharp and threatening as she sized Rina up and down.

    "Ahh" Lady Vania sighed, "I wonder how though, I thought I played the part of an obedient maid so well."

    "Rina doesn't like sweets."

    "That little thing was testing me! I got to hand it to you though, your maid's good, but I am still one step ahead."

    "Who are you? What do you want with my daughter?"

    "You still haven't guessed? Hahhhaaa hahhha you can be easily deceived Alvina."

    "That voice, it can't possibly be... " she thought.

    "Oh yes Alvina, your worst nightmare."

    "Vania. Get away from my daughter!" She yelled, taking several steps forward but stopped when she saw Lady Vania's hand glowing with a dark purple light, directed at her daughter's cot.

    "Ah aha hha... I wouldn't if I were you. Like I said I am one step ahead. One wrong move and I'll kill her. Well I would kill her anyway, we can't risk letting the all powerful Enchantress grow now, can we?"

    "Damn it, don't think Alvina" she muttered under her breath.

    "Sweetie, I can still hear you. That's enough chit chat Alvina, back to business."

    "You sure? Thought you might wanna hear this" she said in her mind and Lady Vania furrowed her brows at her.

    One weakness of Lady Vania, was her curiosity when it came to people's thought and since her hearing was sharp, Alvina decided it was her undoing.

    "What could you possibly... " before she completed her statement, a loud shrieking sound came loud into her ears, invading jer ear drums. "Arrrrrghhhhhhh" she screamed, holding her head with her hands.

    "Got you!"

    Distracted, Alvina's palm lit up with a pink light and she threw several magic bulb at Vania. With one hand raised and the other on her head, Vania quickly made a small wall in front of herself, using her magic.

    "Damn you" she cursed.

    Alvina didn't relax, but kept on throwing magic at her. "I'll make you regret stepping into my home Vania."

    Lady Vania's eyes darkened as she grew angry with each second, she removed the other hand from her head, stretching it forward, "Mtseche levo morkii alier sebarra."
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