24 What In The Devils Name!

    Her eyes and hand glowed purple, she pushed the magic wall at Alvina, but Alvina dodged just in time, moving to her left hand side.

    Using her magic, she raised several objects in the room and flung them at Alvina. Once more, Alvina dodge some of the objects, she controlled her magic and threw the objects to different corners of the room.

    Unknown to her, Lady Vania raised a chair from behind her while she was distracted and flung it at her, before she could react, the chair fell on her, throwing her on the ground.

    Ari heard the thuds coming from the Young Lady's room, and ran towards there. This was the wrong day for such an infiltration to happen. The Grand Chief, Grand seer and almost everybody were out of the house today. It was just herself and and two guards.

    She had contacted Lord Aslan and he asked her to stand down but she just couldn't stay without doing anything.

    Together with the two guards, they ran into the room to help their Lady, but as soon as the guards entered, Lady Vania was one step ahead. She directed her magic at them, accompanied by a powerful wind, and flung them out of the room.

    Ari who was by the door got thrown out of the room and downstairs with them before she could do anything.

    "Psst troublesome pests, and a weak master!" Her eyes held a glint of something more than humor, but her lips twisted into a satirical smile.

    By now Lady Vania's spell had worn off, and her appearance changed to her original one. Alvina could see the true devil now and her twisted smile.

    "No... Wait, stop" Alvina groaned in pain. "Don't hurt my baby, please" she begged Lady Vania, laying flat on her stomach on the ground.

    Blood trickled down the side of her face as she lifted her head to see the terrible scene. Using so much magic trying to heal her daughter, had left her drained.

    She barely had any strength as it was, she was weal right from the day of her delivery, and her life seemed to be fading away ever so quickly.

    She wanted to protect her daughter by all means, but using her powers just now and the chair, it did a lot of damage to her. Now she could only watch as her daughter was killed.

    Lady Vania sneered at her as she wriggled on the ground, crouching her head in pain and begging for her daughter's life. Satisfied that she had defeated Alvina, she turned around and made for the baby cot.

    Her dark eyes held a demoniacal glint in them as she stalked closer to Jade. What she saw, she couldn't have prepared herself for that her whole life.

    There staring into her dark eyes, was the face of one meant not to be. "What in the devil's name!" Shock was written all over her face as she stared at the face of the scared baby.

    The scar looked like a burnt flesh, with terrible cuttings and sewed liked face, it covered her forehead down to her nose, with a little cut mark at both sides of her mouth. It was so disgusting, it felt like someone who went through torture and came out tattered.

    "How did this... " her voice trailed off.

    A low grunt erupted from behind her, she half turned, only for her eyes to catch Alvina's figure half seated on the ground.

    "Let h-her go" she said in between breath, her heart racing fast, she clenched her teeth and shut her eyes at the impending pain. "Even you, think her scar frightening," her tears flickered in the dim lit room as it rolled down her cheek.

    "This is no scar" Lady Vania turned back to haze at Jade before continuing, "It's a curse, all the more reason to put her out of her misery then. I'll seal your soul up, so you cannot reincarnate again."

    Lady Vania ignored Alvina and began chanting a spell. The air in the surrounding changed, the wind blowed stronger, circling around her.

    "Wait no... " fear enveloped Alvina and the need to protect her daughter consumed her, she bit hard on her lips, "Screto viormoie escrua che me mue liato vana quor lia mér scri... " her eyes shone a light blue, she raised her hands and directed them at Lady Vania's distracted form.

    Lady Vania turned just in time, and directed her magic at Alvina's own, since she was stronger, it pushed back hard towards Alvina, knocking her down.

    "I guess I'll kill you first then" Lady Vania said in anger, while moving close to Alvina.

    "No you don't, step away from my wife" Aslan's voice rang out. Before Alvina could react, Aslan directed his hand at her, and a big ball of magic hit her on her chest, pushing her against the wall.

    She fell to the ground with a thud, "Damn you Aslan" she said through gritted teeth.
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