25 Plan Gone Wrong

    "You have the nerve breaking into my home, Vania."

    "Nah, It wasn't breaking in Aslan, it was walking in and you welcomed me," she replied with a smuggish grin plastered on her face.

    "Why you... " Aslan said in anger but stopped when he saw her expression change.

    Her brows furrowed, eyes wide opened, she clutched her chest through her dress. She felt a burning sensation in her chest, the next second she coughed and spat out blood.


    "What did you do to me!" Lady Vania shrieked.

    Cough!! She covered her mouth with her hands.

    The more she coughed, the more blood she spurted out. She removed her hand from her mouth, only to see a red liquid stained her palm. She looked up at Aslan, fear written in her eyes.

    "This is bad, I better retreat."

    Aslan stood straight and walked up to his wife to check her, placing two fingers at the nape of her neck, he felt her pulse. "Good thing she is still alive, but her pulse is weak" he thought.

    Immediately, the Grand Seer and other Lords rushed into the room. They quickly stalked closer to where Lady Vania sat on the cold room floor.

    Seeing as she was cornered, she let out a painful laughter, while still clutching at her chest. "Haha hahh aha hahhhaa. If it isn't the Grand Seer. I am surprised you are still in service old man!"

    "Vania!" Reed called her name with disgust etched in his tone.

    "I see the dark mages are growing desperate and scared. It is a shame how low you all have fallen, especially Drake" the Grand Seer replied her.

    "We, fallen low!?" She bent down her head and started laughing, "Haha haha hahha," her laughter echoed round the room loud, the men all covered their ears with their hands. With her free hand she shot her magic at the Grand Seer while they were distracted.

    Luckily, Lord Aslan appeared in his front just in time and created a magic shield to repel her attack.

    "Kill her," Reed shouted.

    "Plan gone wrong, I need to leave here now, I prefer to face Lord Drake's wrath than have Aslan catching me alive" she thought.

    "No capture her alive" Lord Aslan ordered.

    "Verscre imya me vior vanishheye seé" a purple light began to glow round Lady Vania, she lifted her head as her power course through her.

    "She is chanting, what do we do?"

    "If we attack her, she would use her magic, at this rate, she might die or we die!!"

    "What are you waiting for, get her!! We can't let her escape" the Grand Seer shouted at them.

    As the other Lords rushed in, the magic scattered, flinging them backwards. When they opened their eyes, she was nowhere to be found.

    "She's gone Lord Aslan."

    He gritted his teeth, anger sipping into him as he stared at where she was a moment ago. "Search the premises, find her!!" Lord Aslan ordered again.

    "Yes sir" they chorused and ran out of the room, leaving Lord Aslan and the Grand Seer behind.

    "Tsssch, Damn it!"

    "Be grateful, she didn't succeed."

    "She almost killed Alvina" he replied.

    His gaze trailed the room and landed on the baby cot. "My daughter!" Both of them rushed to the baby cot and saw the little baby sleeping soundly.

    The Grand Seer heaved a sigh of relief as he gazed on the fickle child. "She is all right."

    "How did they know about her? We have a spy in our midst."

    "Arrrghhh, As-slan... Ummm arrghh" Alvina groaned in pain.


    "Lady Alvina!" They both yelled her name almost the same time.

    "Grand Seer, please get the doctor" he rushed to his wife's side and gently carried her.

    "Very well" the Grand Seer rushed out of the room to fulfill his task.

    "J-Jade... " she said through gritted teeth as pain coursed through her body.

    "She is fine Alvina."

    "And Vania?" She held his shirt tight.

    "Gone. I had them search everywhere for her" he said assuringly.

    "Protect our daughter Aslan, protect h... " her hand let go of his shirt and fell loosely by her side.

    "Alvina, Alvina!! Alvina, wake up, hey, Alvina!!" He rushed out of the room with her in his arms and dashed for their own room.

    "Lord Aslan" one of the guards said, halting his movements.

    "Guard my daughter" he briefly said and made for his room.


    ~The Safe House~

    In a room in the safe house, the driver sat down on a chair facing Rina, his eyes gazed lazily at her sleeping form. Her head was done, so he couldn't see her face well, all he knew was that she hadn't moved an inch since he injected her.

    Time seemed to go by slowly, it had been two hours since he administered the drug into her system. He wondered if Lady Vania had finished what she was to do.

    For her sake he hoped so. He sighed, placed one hand under his chin and the other on the table, his eyes empty as he stared into nothing.
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