26 Escape

    "I know little information about Lady Vania's mission, but I am to dump the girl somewhere far from the safe house when she succeeds. It's been two hours and no call from her. This is not looking good, its not my business anyway. My job is to do, not think, at this rate I would have an headache. I should go get something to drink first before the girl comes around."

    He got up and exited the room, closing the door shut behind him. Just then, Rina slowly opened her eyes and was shocked to find herself in a totally new place.

    "Where am I?" She moved her hands, but she was restrained, it dawned on her then that she was kidnapped. "Wait, last I recall, I was shopping when a lady walked up to me... " she gasped, frozen in place, stared with wide eyes and raised eyebrows. "Lady Alvina and the Young Lady."

    Tears welled up in her eyes and threatened to fall, "Get it together Rina, you can't cry at a time like this. You need to escape and go warn Lady Alvina" She thought.

    She struggled against her restraints, twisting her hand, hoping to let loose the rope, but all to no avail. "Damn it" she said through gritted teeth. "If only I had something sharp to use, I... " she heard a faint whistling sound.

    He was coming, so she stopped struggling and maintained a calm posture. His phone rang, when he got close to the door, she could hear it but the ringing stopped soon after. The sound of his voice made her know why.


    "Gilbert" a feminine voice responded from the other end of the call.

    He gasped! Realizing who spoke. "My Lady, did it go successfully?" He asked the caller.

    "No. Where is the girl?"

    "She is still passed out from the drugs My Lady."

    Rina overheard his conversation with the other person, but what she didn't know was, who - who it was that wanted her or the Bruce's family.

    "Very well then, initiate Plan B and return to the appointed place."

    What followed next, made her heart jump up in fear.

    "Yes Ma, I would get rid of her quick and meet up" he replied the Lady once more.

    "Don't fail me!"

    The sound of the beep was heard, she cut the call from her end, even before he could respond.

    Rina clenched her fish and squinted her eyes. She was very angry with her situation. "Those bastards" she cursed silently.

    "Hmm, well it's about time. Let me wake that girl up or, its better if she is asleep. I would put her in the car and dump her off somewhere" he thought out loud.

    "Perfect, here is my chance." She quickly feigned being asleep the moment the door opened.

    He walked in and saw her still unconscious. "Like seriously! Hmm lucky you then." He made his way to where she sat tied up, taking a 10" black pocket knife from his pocket, he flipped it open and began cutting on the rope.

    By the time he was done, he dropped the knife on the table, loosened the rope from her body and went in front of her to carry her. As soon as he pucked her up over his shoulder, she reached out for the dagger and stabbed him at the back.

    "Ahhh ahhhhh" he yelled in pain.

    He quickly threw her down, she landed on her butt and rushed off the floor fast. He reached for the knife but his couldn't grab it, taking advantage of his distraction, she rushed forward, did a side flip and kicked his head.

    Not prepared for her attack, he fell backwards, using his head hitting the edge of the table. "You!" a warm red liquid slid down the side of his head, he reached up to touch it and looked at his hand.

    He bared his teeth in anger, "You're going to pay!"

    "Not quite" she responded. "Srei etch moeri fiaell... " she chanted, her hands glowed a crimson red stretched in front of her.

    The chair by his side glowed red and was lifted up by an unknown force, before he got up on her feet, she let go controlled the chair and let it hit his head.

    He fell face down to the ground, she directed her powers at him and flung him against the wall in the room twice, making sure the impact was felt. "I'm not Ari, dimwit. You kidnapped the wrong girl!!" She said aloud.

    After the second time, he lost consciousness. Satisfied, Rina rushed to his side and knelt beside him, she ransacked his trouser pockets, her hands shaking, displaying her fear, but she carried on till she found a bunch of keys.

    "Got ya! Thanks," she said to his unconscious form and dashed out of the room, running to the entrance.
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