27 Pain

    Not looking back, she fumbled with the keys, trying each one, the door clicked open on her third attempt. She removed the key and got out what seemed to be like a car key from the bundle and threw the others on the floor, then dashed off to where the car was.

    All the while she ran, she was panting, her heart beating fast with every breath. Her breathing came in short bursts, she opened the door and climbed in, calmed erratic breathing a bit, then started the engine and zoomed off the compound.

    "I hope nothing bad as happened in the mansion" she silently prayed. Not really knowing where she was going, she hoped and prayed she would soon see the buzzing parts of the city.


    ~Aslan Bruce's Mansion~

    In Aslan's bed chamber, Alvina is seen lying unconscious on the bed with a drip connected to her right arm. Three other people were in the room; the doctor, Lord Aslan and a bodyguard.

    The doctor finished examining Lady Alvina, then turned to Lord Aslan and said, "My Lord, her condition is getting worst."

    Aslan gestured to the body guard to leave, he obeyed and walked out, closing the door behind him.

    "How bad, Dr Carl?"

    "Very, terrible! At this rate, I am afraid to say... "

    "Say what Doctor? What is wrong?"

    "Lady Alvina wouldn't last long anymore."

    "What do you mean by that?"

    "You can feel it also, her soul is fading. She has only a week or two to leave" Dr Carl said. His shoulders slouched and bowed his head. He couldn't bear to see the look on Aslan's face.

    He had known him for a while now and has been their family doctor for years. He knew how much Aslan cared about Alvina, now him breaking this news to her, he felt bad about it.

    Aslan's lips quivered as he spoke, "What - what do you mean by that Carl? Vina has what!?"

    "I am sorry Aslan, but she has been using too much magic, she isn't taking care of herself, and it's not just because of the fight today, Lady Alvina has been weak, she is dying at a faster rate than before."

    "This can't be happening. Do something Carl, don't take her away from me. Whatever the cost, save Alvina."

    "Lord Aslan, you would have to be strong, brace yourself, she would need it. I would do everything in my power but I am afraid it has long been beyond my control."

    Aslan slumped to the ground, his hands on his head, eyes wide open as he gazed hard at the floor.

    "I would excuse you Lord Aslan and come back to check up on her."

    "Huh!!" He barely let a sound escape his lips. He couldn't believe his eyes, he was going to lose her - his life, his world, his everything.

    The heavens were cruel to him. How could they watch and not intervene! This was brutal, neither himself or Alvina did anything wrong to deserve this, yet here he was paying for a crime he didn't commit.

    "Al-lvina... Alvina, no please fight on for us, for our love please... " a sharp pain stabbed through his heart as he lamented.


    ~Vania's Mansion~

    She appeared at the front lawn in her house, falling on her knees in the process. A big stood right in the middle, shading her from the view of her guards, with their backs turned to her. Luckily for her, they were quite a distance away from where she landed.

    She looked weak and battered, a dried blood mark lay evident at the side of her lips. When she coughed, she felt a sharp pain in her chest and spat a mouth full of blood on the green grass close to her knees.

    "Damn you a million times over, Aslan. I would make you pay, I promise" she said through gritted teeth.

    Her gaze shot up, as she scanned her residence. "I need to teleport to my room somehow, I do not want any of my maids or workers to see me, lest Lord Drake gets a wind of this.

    She got up on wobbly legs, shaking as she tried to maintain a firm stand. "Verscre imya me vior... " before she could complete her spell, one of her maids walked out the front door and saw her in a bad shape.

    "My Lady," she said, as she rushed to Lady Vania's side.

    "Damn it." She cursed under her breathe. The girl ducked her head under her arm and put a hand on Lady Vania's waist and assisted her.

    They walked to the side of the house, Lady Vania dragging her leg lazily behind. "Where are we going?" Vania asked.

    "Another route into the house, you do not want everyone seeing you like this now do you?"

    "No" she replied her weakly.

    "I thought as much. Well let's hurry, you are not looking good."
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