28 Im Back

    "Okay, the earlier the better."

    "Sorry My Lady but this might hurt you, we have to be fast."

    "Alright" Lady Vania said while gritting her teeth. For now she had to rely on this maid, she would think about making her shut up later.

    "By the way, where is he? Why haven't he called? Has he taken care of her?" Her mind ran at a full speed, pouring several questions in.


    Rina came down from a taxi and rushed towards the front gates of Aslan's mansion. She knocked frantically and a guard came to answer.

    "Rina? What are you... ? Wait a minute you're an imposter. You went inside a couple of hours ago and then chaos happened. Master Aslan forbade any entry."

    "What! No, I'm not the imposter, that person who went inside was the imposter. I am the real Rina. I was kidnapped. Now tell me, what happened to the young lady and Lady Alvina?" She said hurriedly.

    "Lady Alvina is lying unconscious in her room... Wait, wait, wait. Why am I telling you this... you should go away before I call security," he threatened.

    She looked around and saw that the security was tighter than before, lots of men in suit stood outside around the mansion.

    He turned his back at her and was about to leave when Rina once again started hitting the gates and shouting in front of it, "Let me in, come on let me in, George. I need to make sure that the young Lady is okay."

    Just then one of the security guards walked up to them to see what the ruckus was all about.


    "Finally, my work is now easy" he whispered to himself.

    "Take her away please. She claims to be Rina, we had one Rina come in before. For all we know she might be another imposter," he explained to the security guard.

    "Please, you've got to believe me, I am the real Rina. I was kidnapped."

    The security guard narrowed his eyes and furrowed his brows as he took another glance at her.

    "If you were kidnapped, how come you are here?" George asked her.

    Her eyes opened wide in shock. Was this gatekeeper stupid or what? She said she was kidnapped and he is asking how she got here.

    "I escaped of course."

    "Are you really Rina?" The security guard asked.

    She nodded and replied him, "Yes, yes, yes!"

    He touched the ear pod on his ear and spoke. "Sir, we've got Rina right outside the front gates. She claimed to have been kidnapped and asked to be let in," he related the message to the other party.

    There was no response for a minute before a voice replied, "Send her in. I'm in my study."

    "Yes sir" he turned his head to the gate keep, "Let her in."

    "But... "

    "On the orders from Lord Aslan," he said cutting George shut.

    "Right away."

    "Thank you" Rina said.

    "Don't thank me yet, Lord Aslan would determine whether or not you are an imposter and if you have been brain washed to do their bidding or not."

    "Enh!!" She said alarmed, then sighed, slouching her shoulders, resigning herself to whatever it was that awaited her.

    She couldn't blame them, if she was in their shoes she would do the same. The life of the Grand Chief's family was all that mattered and George said there was chaos, so security was strict.

    Moreover, her imposter caused it before, now she was here, it would be hard to believe. For all they knew, they could disguise themselves as her and come back saying she was kidnapped.

    Thinking of it now, it did make sense to her. The big gates opened a fraction to let her in, but she didn't go in. "Hey! What are you standing there day dreaming about for?" Georges voice rang out, breaking her from her thoughts.

    Her heart kept in her chest at his angry voice, "Sorry" she apologized shyly and made her way in.

    "She's your problem now" George said to the security guard. Rina turned her head to look at him, but the glare he gave her made her turn her gaze away from him.

    The security guard simply gave a nod and turned his gaze back to Rina, "Let's go. Need I remind you that one false move and you are a goner."

    She sighed again at her predicament, "You needn't bother. I won't try anything," she assured him.


    They walked towards the mansion, and by the time they got to the other security guards, he had three other security guards escort her in.

    "Take her to Lord Aslan's study."

    "Yes sir" they chorused and left with her. One walked in front of her and two followed from behind.

    She put her head down and walked slowly in their midst, right now she felt like a criminal. She didn't want this but unfortunately she was used, so it was inevitable. Her fate was sealed, well almost, she was lucky to have escaped.
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