29 I Am Back 2

    They got into the mansion and instantly she caught sight of Ari, who had just walked out of the kitchen with a pack of ice block pressed to her head.

    "Ari was affected too, damn it what did that bitch do?" She kept on staring at her friend, neither of them said anything, Ari froze when she saw her and so did she.

    It was not until one of the security guard's push her lightly, did she realize her body could move.

    "Move it, what are you looking at?"

    She turned her gaze away, biting down on her lower lip and kept on walking. It was her fault, even her close friend was been skeptical about her.

    They walked through the living room and took their left, walking through the corridor to Lord Aslan's study.

    On getting there, the first security guard knocked on the door lightly.

    "Come in."

    He turned the door knob and pushed the door open. Stepping in, he moved to his side and allowed the rest to enter. Rina entered first before the other security guards followed suit, and closed the door behind them.

    Aslan sat behind his desk on an office rolling chair, elbows on the big desk in front of him, and fingers crossed together under his chin. This way he looked so handsome with his messy brown hair.

    He looked like who had gone through a lot and indeed he went through it. Rina dared not raise her head, she felt bad that she had caused so much damage within a few hours.

    "I am back Master" she said with a subtle voice.

    "You claim to be the real Rina. How can you prove it?"

    "My apologies, Master Aslan. If I were more careful all these wouldn't have happened. I do not know how else I can explain or make you believe sir, but I am telling the truth," she raised her head this time around and their eyes met.

    "I am sorry, I would have to use the checker spell on you."

    He could see the tears threatening to spill from her sockets, she bit down hard on her lower lip as her body trembled.

    The checker spell was a painful one, it was used to check one's body and soul to be sure one wasn't under a spell or brain washed.

    It could see into the deepest part of one's soul and if one is found to have been brain washed, it can cleanse and cure the person.

    "It is... "

    The door pushed open and a maid rushed in, interrupting his speech. The security guards turned around, two them reached out to catch her, but she was fast. She ducked and quickly knelt on the ground beside Rina with her head bowed down.

    The security guards advanced towards her, ready to grab her and take her outside but the moment their hands touched her, Aslan made them stop.

    "Halt!" He said while raising his palm. The three of them stopped and moved back.

    It was at this moment she raised her head and looked at her master.

    "Ari! What is wrong?"

    Her eyes were puffy and tears flowed freely from their socket. She sniffed twice before finding her voice to speak.

    "Master, I am sorry to barge in like that, but please spare Rina, she is the real one and not an imposter" she begged.

    "Hmm, how sure are you, Ari? This is a delicate matter, in fact allowing her in here is a big risk on its own. So not until you can prove it, my option still stands."

    "Ari!" Rina felt touched by what her friend and coworker was doing for her. Right then and there, the tears she had been holding in finally spilled.

    "Master, when the other Rina came, I noticed a lot of things about her, first Rina doesn't use public toilets, second she is fast in whatever she does unlike the imposter that came, third... "

    "Wait, don't speak anymore" he interrupted her.


    "Let's first ask her some questions and see."

    "Yes sir."

    "Since you know her best, then you ask. I would be the judge."

    "Okay Master. Rina," she said looking at her friend. "I am happy you are back. I know it's really you, so when all this is cleared and done, you would eat and rest. Lita prepared your favorite cookies, so you can eat them later and take drugs. I bet the jam, cookies and ice cream you took this morning would affect you so you would take some drugs okay?"

    Rina just stared at her friend with disbelieving eyes, she didn't know what to say. How could Ari had forgotten! She... It was then it dawned on her, this was the test. Ari knew she didn't a sweet tooth, so...

    "Ari, did you hit your head or something? How could you forget so easily, I am never ate those this morning and you know I don't like sweets. By the way, who is Lita?" She asked, biting her lower lip again.

    "Master, this is the real Rina."
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