30 I Am Sorry

    Ari turned her head to face her master. He didn't say anything, nor moved an inch. His gaze remained fixed on Rina.

    "Master, she is the real Rina," she repeated her statement.

    He blinked and moved his gaze to Ari who was still kneeling on the ground. "Why did you say so?"

    "I said these same words to the imposter and  she didn't notice I was testing her. Rina isn't a sweety tooth Master and she didn't have those for breakfast as well. Also whenever Rina feels bad about something, she always bite down on her lower lip" Ari explained.

    Rina was at a lost of words, she didn't say anything but just let her tears flow freely.

    "So please Master, don't use the checker spell on her. Besides, you can she the rumpled mark on her clothes and skin. I believe she was really kidnapped."

    "Rise," he commanded Ari. She did as she was told and stood side by side with her friend. "Very well, I won't use the spell on you, but one thing I want to know, how where you kidnapped and how did you escape? Do you know who your capturers are?"

    "Not quite, Master. I was shopping and had just took the last item when a lady came to me. The moment I answered, she lowered her shades down from her eyes, allowing me full view as I gazed into her eyes. It was at that moment I lost control of my body and senses."

    "She hypnotized you, making you do her bidding."

    "By the time I awoke, I was in a different house and tied to the chair I sat. Later I heard my captor on the phone with someone and he was ordered to get rid of me. She sniffed, trying to keep her voice clear.

    "Go on" Aslan urged her on.

    "So I feigned being unconscious and when he untied me, I attacked, stabbing him on the back in the process. He threw me down, but I seized the opportunity and continued my attack on him till I knocked him out. Searched for the keys in his pocket and escaped using the car in the compound."

    "Where was this place?"

    "It was located at a remotely quiet part of the city. I drove the car till I got to a busy area and abandoned the car there."

    "How did you get here? You trekked?" He asked her, concern laced I'm his voice.

    Everyone's eyes and attention where fixated on her, as they awaited the next tale.

    "No Master, luckily I had some money in my trousers pocket, so I took a taxi here. I am sorry Master Aslan, so sorry I was careless and caused so much trouble."

    She knelt down and pleaded with him to forgive her. He got up from his seat and made his way to where she knelt on the ground.

    He placed his right hand on her left shoulder and after some seconds smiled at her. "Get up Rina, you have nothing to apologize for. I can tell you are not lying. The person that attacked and kidnapped you is none other than Vania."

    Both girls had their jaw drop at the mention of her name. "Master, you mean... "

    "Lady Vania?" Ari stuttered.

    "Yes, the very Lady Vania. Good thing Ari figured out on time that something was wrong and alerted Alvina and I, she would have killed Jade."

    Rina's shoulders quivered as she cried the more. The thought of the young Lady almost dying because of her carelessness, really broke her.

    "H-How about... Lady... " she stammered.

    "Alvina is fine, she is resting now. You needn't bother, go and take a shower and rest, you've been through an ordeal today."

    "Thank you Master" both girls chorused.

    "Ari, take over and watch Jade for now. Be rest assured, I would have mages assigned as personal guards to Alvina's room and Jade's."

    "Yes Master."

    "Good, you may leave." The girls walked towards the door, holding each other's hand, Aslan turned his gaze from them to the three security guards. "That would be all, be watchful and report any suspicious case to me."

    "Yes sir!!" They said in unison and left the study room.

    When everyone had gone, he made his way back to his seat and sat down. He was enervated, he rubbed his hand over his head, his hair now terrible sight. He loosened his tie and relaxed on his chair.

    "Alvina, Alvina, please hold on. My life would be a mess without you in it. What should I do, what can I do?" He said in a low voice.


    ~Vania's Residence~

    "Why is he not picking his calls? What is wrong with him!"

    Ring!! Ring!!

    No answer from the other end, frustratedly, she threw away her phone on the bed not far from where she sat up on the bed.

    "I hope nothing bad has happened... "
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