31 Youve Been Summoned 1

    Lady Vania dialed the number again. It rang continuously but no one answered.

    "This is not funny. Let me send someone over." She dialed another number and someone picked this time.

    "My Lady. Good aft... "

    "No time for pleasantries," she interrupted him, "I need you to go to S2, find out what happened and report to me ASAP. Take two men with you" she ordered.

    "Yes, My Lady."

    She hanged up and dropped the phone on her bed. "Let's hope all is okay. I need to take some healing potion and get better before Lord Drake finds out" she said to herself.

    She got out of bed and walked to her dressing room, she bent slightly, every step she took brought a sharp pain to her chest. Aslan sure had dealt her a heavy blow.

    She gritted her teeth and made her way for a switch at the back of one of her shoe's rack and pressed on it. Instantly the behind one of her scarf shelf pressed back.

    She moved to the rack and she touched it with her right hand, putting small pressure on where her hand connected with it. It turned and she went in, then it closed back again, showing another set of scarf.

    She switched on the light and everywhere in the room became bright. What stood before was a room thrice as big as her already big room. It had a library, shelves for potion, an office table and chair, a couch, a conjuring centre with inscriptions on the floor.

    It was a whole secret base on its own. She made her way to the potion shelves and went to the part labelled healing. She took three different bottles, opened it and drank them simultaneously.

    "Aarrhhh" she clutched her free hand to her chest, her eye lids slid down, closing her eyes shut, she bit down in her lower lip as the pain washed over her. After two minutes which felt like a longer time because of the pain, she opened her eyes.

    She inhaled sharply, taking in deep breaths and breathing out, she didn't feel the sharp pain as much as she once did. It reduced by seventy percent.

    She dropped the empty bottles in a separate rack where other empty bottles stayed and grinned wickedly, "Aslan! Even with my healing potions, I still am not perfectly healed. I guess it would take some more time than I thought. Just you wait, I would get back at you for this."

    She walked back and switched off the lights then exited the hidden room and out her dressing room. She climbed back into bed and sat up.


    Her head turned towards the door, "Who might that be?" She asked in her head before answering. "Yes?"

    "My Lady, it is I" the voice said from behind the door.

    She recognized the voice, it was the maid that helped her. "Come in."

    The door slowly pushed open and the maid that helped her earlier walked in with a tray in her hands. She lifted one foot backwards and closed the door behind her.

    "My Lady, I brought your meal for you" she said. Her head hung low, hands and feet steady.

    "Okay, bring it in."

    She lifted her head and walked close to Lady Vania's bed. She dropped the tray on the bedside table and began dishing her meal.

    Lady Vania narrowed her eyes as she watched the girl's every move. "Hmmm, no thought huh! Well I should expect that from those working under me, but her thoughts are completely silent. I can't  read her, she's good" she thought.

    "What's your name?"

    "Oona, my Lady," she answered her and passed her a bowl of Pho.

    Lady Vania looked at the food in her hand and then back at the maid. "Is this what I think it is?" She asked the half smiling maid.

    "Yes, my Lady. Vietnam Bowl of Pho" she replied her.

    Lady Vania's gaze shifted to the tray. There was another plate on the tray, having a gluten free chocolate chips cookies on it, her cutlery set, a glass cup and a wine bottle.

    She picked her cutlery and tasted the meal. "Hmm, it's been a while. It taste good. Cent never disappoints."

    "I'm glad you like it, my Lady. If that is all, I would take my leave now."

    "That would be all. You may go," she replied, by the time Oona got to the door, she called her name, "Oona... Thanks."

    "I'm just doing my job ma'am." She flashed her a smile before leaving the room.

    Lady Vania looked at her meal and smiled before scoping more food into her mouth. It was Pho, this delicious broth-based soup was full of rice noodles, herbs, fresh veggies, and spices; one of her favorite international dishes.

    Ding Ding!!

    The next minute her phone screen lit up, she put her finger print and an email popped up on the screen.
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