32 You Have Been Summoned 2

    She checked her notification and saw an email from the dark magic council, titled... 'You Have Been Summoned'

    A small smile broke across her lips as she took another glance at the email before clicking on it. "Lady Vania, Lord Drake has summoned you to his mansion with immediate effect tomorrow. Signed Torren."

    She finished reading the email and dropped her phone, the small smile that once graced her delicate lips, vanished at a go.

    "Lord Drake, I guess I am lucky her summoned me tomorrow. With some potions, I can be at my best and he wouldn't suspect a thing." She brushed a fallen strand of hair from her face and continued eating her meal.


    ~Aslan's Residence~

    Right after Rina freshened up, Ari and Rina went upstairs to meet the young Lady. The moment they stepped into the room, Rina's eyes shot wide open.

    "Oh my!... What really happened here?" Her eyes scanned the scattered room. Chairs, tables, curtains, everything was scattered and some items broken.

    Ari put a hand on her shoulder comfortingly, and walked further inside the room to where Jade's cot stood.

    She gazed down lovingly on the little baby and a small smile crept up her cheeks. "Hello there little lady... "

    "Ahhgehhaheh... " Jade made some incomprehensible baby sounds as the face of her favorite nanny came to view.

    Ari leaned in and picked her up and patted her back lightly. "So sorry little lady, you are safe now. You are safe... "

    Rina who was in a daze before stopped her thoughts, moved quietly towards the pair and tapped Ari's shoulder.

    "Ari... Thank you. I haven't sincerely expressed my gratitude for what you did for me. I really appreciate you standing up for me."

    Ari turned around to look at her friend, their eyes locked and she flashed her a warm smile. "It's alright Rina. You would have done the same for me. It's too bad Lady Alvina is not in the best of shape, she would have vouched for you too. I know you. You are my friend, I know your behaviours."

    "Ari... "

    "And that imposter... Lady Vania, was just not you."

    Rina gasped at the mention of that name. "Lady... How did you... When... S-She... " she couldn't form a coherent sentence. She was at a lost of words.

    "I asked the Grand Seer when he came to see me. Unfortunately, I got knocked out with the guards before I entered the room. One thing I know, Lady Alvina was hurt pretty bad. The Lady is weak, weaker than before and she doesn't have very long anymore."

    "She doesn't have long!  How can that be?! I know she was weak but there was still some life left in her for her to live a while. What do you mean by doesn't have very long?" She shook Ari's shoulders with both hands.

    Slowly, tear drops trickled down her face, she couldn't bare to lose Alvina, and she would blame herself forever for it. If not for her carelessness, Lady Vania wouldn't have gotten into the mansion and Alvina wouldn't have gotten into such a critical state.

    "Rina... You're going to... " before she could complete her sentence, the inevitable happened

    "Heh-Hehh Heh... "

    Jade continued to cry at the sudden shake of her resting place. Rina stopped her movements and retracted her hands from Ari's shoulder.

    "Ohhh... I'm so sorry young Lady, I'm sorry Ari. I didn't mean to... It's all my fault." She looked dejected and withdrew from them.

    "Shhh, it's okay now little lady. Rina didn't mean to frighten you. It's all okay. Don't cry now, shh... Who's a good girl? Jade is a good girl." Ari tried coursing her back to being calm.

    In a matter of seconds, she stopped crying and made sucking sounds instead.


    "Rina, it's okay. Do feel bad about anything. It could have happened to anyone. The Master isn't blaming you and I am sure Lady Alvina wouldn't as well. You've been through a lot today. Take a rest, you need it, I'll handle everything from here. I need to give her food now that Lady Alvina isn't conscious."

    "Okay. But, let me assist with the young Lady."

    "It's alright, she just needs to eat that's all." She replied her friend with a bigger and brighter smile.

    "Do you not want me near the young Lady?"

    "No its not that, definitely not that. The truth is that, the more you stay around her, the more guilty you feel. I just need you to calm down, relax and get yourself back. Lady Alvina wouldn't be happy if she saw you this way. Please don't misunderstand."

    "Alright, I understand. Let me assist you in making her food then, after that I would go take a rest."

    "And eat also... Don't forget to eat as well. Later, we would prepare dinner after I put her to sleep."


    "Easy, easy there little lady. Let's get your food."
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