33 Youve Been Summoned 3

    "Where would she sleep now that her room is upside down?" Rina asked.

    "Umm... Well... " Ari's brows slightly furrowed as she spoke.

    "Don't worry about that then."


    "While you take care of her, I would clean the room."

    "There wouldn't be any need for that," a voice said behind them. Both of them tensed up af the sound of the voice.

    Rina turned to face the doorway, both of them bowed their head to greet the owner of the voice.


    "Master Aslan!"

    "She would move to another room. Arrange for her things to be brought there. He would take you to the room." Aslan moved to the side, so they could see the security guard that would lead them.

    "He is going to be her new personal body guard. Stationed at her door at all times, let's hope this situation doesn't repeat itself another time."

    "Yes Master."

    "Very well then." He left them behind on the room and walked to his study.

    "Master isn't in a good mood. This incident affected him so much," Rina stated.

    "Yes. Lady Alvina's health is his utmost concern. Ours would be to shower the young lady with love, care and attention."

    "Let's go."


    ~In Alvina's Resisence~

    She paced about in her room, thinking of what might have happened to her driver. Her phone screen came on and her phone began to ring. She quickly walked to her bed and pucked it up, then answered.

    "My Lady, I am at the safe house. I found him lying unconscious here. The car was gone and the door opened."

    "What of the girl in the room?"

    "There was no other person here. I did a thorough check of the house. It is particularly empty except for him."

    "Damn it, that little brat escaped. What was he doing? How could he let a little girl best him?" She yelled at the other man through the phone.

    "My Lady, there is one other thing."

    "What is it?"

    "He was bleeding, he had a knife wound at his back and has lost a lot blood."


    "He has come around now and... "

    "Take him to the hospital now and have him taken care of. Report to me if anything happens." She dished out her orders, not minding her interruption.

    "Right away."

    She caught the call and threw her phone back down on her bed. "Damn you and your household a hundred times over, Aslan."

    She gritted her teeth and slammed her palm into the wall behind her.


    ~The Next Day, at Lord Drake's Mansion~

    Lady Vania arrived at Lord Drake's residence and was welcomed by the servants in the house. One particular servant went up to her.

    "Good day My Lady. Welcome, I trust you had a wonderful drive down here!" An advanced lady in her late fifties said. She was oldest servant working for Lord Drake and the head maid. She controlled every other thing going on in the household and everyone obeyed her.

    "Thank you Gretal, I did." Lady Vania replied her before asking, "Where is he?"

    "This way My Lady, Lord Drake has been expecting you."

    She turned and lead the way to where Lord Drake was. Lady Vania quietly followed behind her.

    They got to a door with the inscription private boldly written on it and stopped. From outside, Lady Vania could hear moans. She smiled and awaited his permission to enter.

    The head maid knocked and spoke, "Lord Drake, Lady Vania has arrived."

    "Let her in."

    The head maid turned to Lady Vania and nodded before taking her leave. She placed her hand on the door knob and lightly pushed the door open.

    The moans came in louder now that she was inside the room. She turned her head to the direction of the sound and saw Lord Drake banging the living daylight out of a lady. He was kneeling on the bed, behind the girl and **ing her brains out. She was moaning like an animal in heat.

    Vania moved to the parlour part of the huge room and sat down. After some minutes, both of them screamed out their lungs as they came.

    He rode out his orgasm and finally let her go. She collapsed right on the bed, he got up from the bed, took a robe and wore it, before moving up to Vania.

    "Sorry for the delay," he said with a smile.

    "You aren't feeling sorry one bit. If there is anything, you are feeling good right now."

    He moved to his wine cabinet and picked out a wine and two glasses. "Yes, I cannot deny that. I was getting bored waiting for you, so I decided to kill time." He dropped the glass on the table in front of her and gently poured the wine into it.

    "Well, your councilman forgot to set a time for the meeting. I apologize, I hope you don't mind my lateness then."

    "Not at all."
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