34 Youve Been Summoned 4

    He passed her a glass of wine and sat down on a chair opposite of where she sat. She accepted the nice gesture and took the glass of wine with so much elegance, before gently taking a sip.

    "Nice wine." She lifted the glass and slightly nodded as she complimented the drink.

    "I'm glad it is to your liking. Please enjoy, there is plenty more of that... Blandy's 50 year old Malmsey, Madeira wine."

    "Hmm... " she took another sip of the wine and gently placed the cup back on the table. "Lord Drake, thanks for your hospitality, but you and I know that I wasn't summoned here, just so you could show me your 50 year old Madeira wine."

    He half chuckled at her words and said, "Well," he poured the remaining wine in his glass into his mouth and swallowed in one gulp. "Why, yes... It was to showcase my wine, Vania."

    "Lord Drake!!" She increased her tempo when she called out this name. He was teasing her and she didn't like it.

    "Feisty little kitten, are we?"

    He chuckled and gave her a warm smile. Compared to the smile he gave others, the one he gave her was somewhat sincere.

    "Vania, O Vania. Yes, you are right. I did not summon you here to have a taste of a good wine, but I brought you here because of this." He pointed at the centre glass table before them.

    Underneath the table, was a set of pictures. His gaze shifted from her face and landed on the pictures, under the table and back at Vania.

    He was always reserved and everyone admired that, but Vania on the other hand, damn this lady just knew when how how to toy with someone. She lifted a brow at him before turning her gaze to the glass table.

    She was as daring as always, with that dazzling pretentious, smile of hers. She slowly lifted her eyes to his and uttered, "They are pictures Lord Drake, is this some joke?"

    Vania pretended not have known the content of the pictures. It wasn't visible though, just a slight part was out of the envelop, but she could already guess what was it's content and still dared feign ignorance before Lord Drake.

    "Hmm Vania... " he paused and seemed thoughtful for a minute, his gaze trailed off behind her, not looking at anything in particular. Suddenly, he lowered his eyes to look at her and smiled.

    "You have a message Vania."

    Her phone didn't ring, so how did he know she had a message. She returned his burning gaze and then opened her purse, bringing her phone out, all the while not breaking eye contact.

    Then, out of nowhere, she heard a familiar sound.


    Her phone screen came on, it was at this time she peeled her eyes off of him and looked down at her phone. True, a message did come for her. It was an email from Councilman Torren.

    She unlocked the phone and clicked open the email. It read, "Lady Vania, Lord Drake has summoned you to his mansion. Due to your failure on the assigned mission, you are to face the dark magic council and accept your punishment whole heartedly. Time: 14:00."

    She didn't bother to read the rest, as she could  already guess it's content. She looked at tge time on her phone and saw that it was already 1:30 pm, soon it would be time for her punishment.

    "Hmmm, how did he know about my failure? Or that I had tried?" She thought. "The magic council huh... " she said to herself in a low tone, almost a whisper, but he heard it still.

    He smirked as he looked at her calm demeanor. No matter what happened, she would always be this way, it was to be expected of the Lady Vania. She hated losing and anyone having a win over her.

    For once, he wanted to see her disheveled state. He hated her calm, cool and collected personnel, but at the same time he loved it. It was one of the things that grew his interest in her.

    She was ever so confident and after him, she was the second most devilish person he knew and for that he respected her.

    She may even be on par with him, when it came to being wicked but he wouldn't let it be. He would dominate this woman and make her know who is boss.

    He wanted more than anything, to tame her and the opportunity may just have presented itself to him.

    "Hmm, I wonder how you knew. Don't tell me you have spies in Aslan's residence?!" She feigned being shocked, but Lord Drake knew better.

    Of course he had a spy there. He had spies everywhere. Unfortunately, it wasn't the spy who would him about her failure this time around. For some reason, he hadn't been able to contact his spy.

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