35 Betrayed 1

    "No?! You mean to deny having a spy at the Aslan's?"

    "I did not say so." He replied.

    "So you don't?" She asked again.

    "I didn't say so either. Those are your speculations, Vania. I got my info from another source. A more reliable one, I must say."

    "Where? How? Who?!"

    She asked this questions almost at an instance. For a minute there, she lost her cool and calm; but soon kept quiet and maintained her composure.

    Lord Drake didn't reply her but gave her a lovely smile instead. Boy, did she hate his behaviour at times. He was pissing her off and she knew it.

    He bent a fraction and poured himself another glass of wine. He stood back up, looked her in the eye, his gaze held mischief in them, before he gently sat down. All the while, his smile never leaving his handsome face.

    She too picked her glass and drank more than a sip, savoring the delicate wine as she watched him.

    "Pick the pictures," he commanded.

    She dropped her glass after drinking its content in one swift move, and picked the pictures from underneath the table.

    At the same time, he raised in right hand and snapped his fingers. It was loud, loud enough to distract Vania from what she was doing and looked at him.

    Suddenly, the girl he had finished **ing a while back, suddenly rose up and sat down on the bed. Her back was turned to them, so Vania couldn't see her face from this angle.

    "Open." His voice was calm and commanding as he ordered Vania this time. She pulled the pictured out and what she saw surprised her.

    It was several pictures of her when she appeared on her front lawn. It was the pictures that surprised her, but the fact that...

    She could already guess who had done it, but when she saw the next set of pictures, she had a complicated feeling. There was one when she scanned her surrounding, one when she looked at the front porch, one when her maid helped her, one when they were scurrying away.

    From the different angles they were taken, it now became hard to ascertain to who did it. She furrowed her brows and squinted her eyes. Her gaze seemed to trail behind Lord Drake to the lady on his bed.

    Guessing her thoughts, he snapped his fingers again the second time. "Wondering who she is? You needn't worry long. Wake!"

    As soon as he gave the order, the girl's eyes flew open. She looked down on her body and giggled. Hurriedly she got up from the bed and ran towards them. As she did, her scattered hair covered her face, preventing a full view of the price.

    When she got to his side, she stopped, bending her head as she gazed down, lovingly at him. He looked up and scanned her, his eyes taking in her body in her naked form.

    "My dear Vania. You see... I mean it when I say  one can't hide anything from me." He stood up and looked at the girl, then turned his gaze to Vania. Vania arched a brow at him, as if to say go on.

    He returned his gaze to her, before gently brushing off her hair. As if on cue, the girl turned her head to face Vania.

    A bit of shock flashed before her eyes as she saw her maid. The very one who helped her into the house and served her. Her lips curved into a smile as she looked at Vania.

    "Vania, O Vania. Tsk tsk tsk."

    Vania herself couldn't help but smirk. "You play your cards well, Lord Drake."

    The girl snaked lovingly on Lord Drake's right hand, her hand slowly sliding up and down his chest, while the other held his right shoulder.

    "Clean up the mess you made." He ordered her.

    Without uttering a word, she kneeled before him and parted his robes with her hand. Taking his semi hard dick into her hands, she began work on it.

    True, it was sticky from their cum mixed together and she displayed a hungry expression on her face as she gazed hungrily at her price. First she kissed the tip and slowly licked it. She continued, licking down the long shaft, cleaning the mess she really made.

    This action earned her a soft moan from him. "Aaahhhhhh... Hmmm."

    She giggled and engulfed his full member into her mouth. It became hardened inside her mouth and she almost choke at the sudden growth.

    Her wide mouth couldn't completely swallow his full shaft, so she slowly vegan sucking.

    Vania who was ignored all this time, couldn't help but gulp when the girl removed her mouth from his dick and she saw his full length up close.

    "Damn is he hard, thick and big." She thought.

    "Did you think I wouldn't know? When were you planning on reporting in?"
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