36 Betrayed 2

    "You used my maid to spy on me." She chuckled, "How impressive."

    "No wonder I couldn't read her mind. She was trained well or he placed a mind block but made it so that I wouldn't notice. Hmm...  Lord Drake, clever as can be. Your reputation  doesn't do justice." She squinted her eyes as she thought about it.

    "I did give her a good reward. I **ed her brains out and she became addicted. Oona was it?" He asked, a trace of smile formed at the corners of his lips.

    She nodded and deep throated him as soon as he said that, taking him all in, like a vacuum.

    "Aaahhh yes... Just like that slut. More... Bob your head faster if you want me to reward you with my cum hmm."

    She wanted to show him that she was not only capable as a spy or maid, but also in bed, so she gave him a good blow job. Her other hand massaged his balls as she worked with her mouth.

    He spoke rudely to her and used his free hand to hold her hair tight as he **ed her mouth.

    They went on for some minutes, him using her mouth as his ** hole and she enjoying how rough he was with her.

    By now, moaning sounds filled the room, the girl slid a hand down her body and inserted two fingers into her hungry hole below.

    She pulled him out of her mouth with her free hand and gasped for air, before continuing her job. He let go of her hair and gulped down his wine. She turned her head to the side, giving Vania a full view of her conquest as she slowly licked and moaned on his dick.

    "Hmmm.... Ahhh yeah, so big and hard. As deserving of... Hhhmmm my Lord."

    She gave Vania a wink and that seemed to have been the straw that broke the camel's back. Vania let go of the leash she kept on her patience and threw a ball of magic at the girl.

    Lord Drake intercepted on time, using his hand to wave it away. It hit a table in his room and smothered it to pieces.

    Seeing what had happened to the chair and realizing that, if Lord Drake hadn't intercepted on time, it would have been her dead, not the chair.

    She got angry that Vania had attempted an attack on her and got up quickly. Her eyes bore hatred as she threw her own ball of magic at Vania.

    Vania held up her hand and a magical force field was erected, stopping the magic ball that was thrown her way.

    "You call this magic. Let me show you real power, Oona."

    Before Vania could act, Lord Drake's eyes darkened, he seized the girl by her throat and turned her head to face him. The harder he pressed, the more she struggled to breath.

    "Who gave you the audacity to want to hurt her? Do you think just because I slept with you, that you are on her level or you could even speak where she is?"

    Her eyes felt like they could pop out their sockets any minute from then. Tears filled her eyes as she looked pleadingly at him. All color in her face drained by the second. Within a minute she had paled like a corpse.

    "Uurrghhh... Urhh... "

    Oona made several choking sounds, her hands reached up and held his on her neck, as she desperately struggled for her life.

    Vania watched as the scene unfolded before her eyes. She was bold to say, Lord Drake still held her in high esteem, in his eyes. Well either he killed her or she was definitely going to make that slut pay.

    "No one betrays Lady V and goes scott free," she said in her head.

    "I guess I didn't reward you well, you shouldn't have the mouth to speak." He snickered at her and brought her head closer to his. The girl tried to mutter please to him, but his hold didn't let her.

    At this point her eyes were now on the same level as his and he peered deep into them.

    "Time for a lovely nightmare," Vania murmured, but he heard it well.

    "Nah, she ain't deserving of it. That would be your punishment." His eyes darted to the side as he spoke, eyes meeting each other, she could clearly she the darkness in him at this point.

    All of a sudden, he let go of Oona's neck and she fell with a thud on the floor. She looked lifeless at this stage. Vania wasn't sure if Oona was still alive or dead.

    He tied his robe back and walked away from them. When he got to another door at the side of the room, he turned his head to his side and said, "Wait here. I'll be right back."
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