37 Punishment 1

    Lord Drake opened the door and went in, closing it behind him.

    The door led to the bathroom, so Lady Vania could very much guess he went to clean up. She still stared absent mindedly at the door and didn't notice when the fallen Oona moved her body.

    "Arhh... " Oona groaned out in pain as she tried to sit up on the floor. Her groaning broke Vania from her reverie and she cast a glance her way.

    "What a pitiful sight! Guess I have to worry about myself next, no time to worry about you. You had it coming, Oona. Betraying me for him. Did you think you would become his woman?" She let out a soft chuckle as she spoke. Her eyes held contempt in them.

    Oona didn't look at her, but buried her head low in shame. Honestly speaking, when Lord Drake had singled her out for this mission, she had thought that was her chance to get close to him.

    Luckily for her, the opportunity presented itself when Lord Drake said he would reward her if she could pull it off. And so, determined, she dared to fool Lady Vania, spy on her and report to Lord Drake.

    Taking pictures and reporting weren't the problem. It was the fact that it first crossed her mind to betray Lady Vania and pretended to aid her, then used her to get close to Lord Drake.

    That was what pained Vania the most, she was used as a stepping stone.

    When Oona had completed her task and reported to Lord Drake, he asked her over and asked her what reward she wanted.

    Stupidly, she said him. It took up all the courage in her to say that. It was a fifty, fifty chance because she noticed he checked her out a bit when he first sent for her, so she took the opportunity and made her request.

    Unexpectedly, he had agreed without any protest or whatsoever, but like all greedy beings her joy didn't last. When Lady Vania had thrown her magic at her, she felt either Lord Drake deal with Lady Vania or side with her.

    Whichever wag she looked at it, she felt Lady Vania was done for since she had failed his mission. Unknown to her, she had placed herself too high in her head and thought that just because she **ed him, he held her in high esteem.

    Little did she know she did her own downfall by her actions. Now that he spared her, she was sure Lady Vania wouldn't. Whether she gets severely punished or not by the council, Lady Vania was going to pay evil with evil.

    Everyone in the dark magic world knew how vile and wicked she was.

    "What were you thinking really? Tsk tsk tsk... " by now, she had walked up to the telephone in the room and picked it up.

    The next thing Oona knew, she heard Lady Vania speaking to the person that answered the call.

    "It is I, come and clean up this trash from my sight. No," she paused for a second or so and then continued, "Wait, let her stay here in shame. Lord Drake would handle the situation or call you over."

    As she spoke, there was a hint of utter mock in her voice as she cast a side glance at Oona.

    Oona couldn't quite guess who she was talking to on the call, but when Lady Vania blurted out a name, she had a clear guess of who it was.


    That was the head maid who had brought her here to see Lord Drake the first time, well technically every time.

    "Has the council Lords and Ladies arrived?" Vania asked.

    Oona couldn't hear the other person's reply, but she watched as Lady Vania lifted a finger to her lips and seemed thoughtful before she spoke again.

    "Prepare my favorite champagne for me when I leave the council room."

    After that she hung up and went to sit right back down, ignoring the sorry sight of her maid on the floor.

    This woman was daring, she wasn't scared of what fate awaited her for failing such a mission, rather she asked the head maid to prepare her favorite Champagne once she left.

    Did she even know if she would be able to walk out on her own?

    For fear of what Lord Drake would do to her, Oona didn't dare move an inch from her spot. Rather, she took this time to catch her breath and think of what kind of punishment awaited her next.

    Suddenly, the door to the bathroom opened and he stepped out. He was fully clothed, dressed in a black pair of trouser and a black suit, with a dark red inner shirt and no tie.

    He left the first two buttons open, revealing a bit of his skin. His dark black hair fell completely back, making his facial features pronounced. Right now he looked like a demon god.
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