39 Punishment 3 18+

    "Aaaahhhh!!... Yessss!! Just like that, right there, mhhmm... "

    His pupils dilated as he peered deep into her eyes. Everyone else in the room didn't utter a word, but they were shocked beyond reasonable doubt at what they heard it were hearing in this case.

    Lady Vania was moaning and moaning loud. The Ladies felt embarrassed by the sight in front of then while the men found it dangerously arousing as her voice were music to their ears.

    This was Lady Vania, the untouchable queen, moaning loudly like a bitch in heat. They had got to admit, they never expected it.

    Everyone had expected to hear screams and ha move their ear drums almost destroyed because of it. This was so because, the higher your mission, the worst your punishment.

    Here they were, listening to one of the most erotic sounds ever.

    In Lady Vania's head, what she saw was something any lady who had seen Lord Drake would die for.

    It first started when Lord Drake entered the dark lit bed chamber she was in and and walked his way to where she stood seductively at the bed post.

    She had a glass of red wine in her hands and lifted it up for a drink. As soon ad she poured the liquid into her mouth, Lord Drake wrapped one hand on her waist and pulled her in.

    The next thing she knew, he leaned in and claimed her lips forcefully. She didn't hold back but kissed him with the same vigor he used, sharing the wine she drank.

    After about some minutes of intense kissing, his lips left hers, his fingers explored her mouth where his lips was only a moment ago as he lightly sucked on her bottom lip. He kissed his way down her neck, stopping a little only to nimble on the creamy skin there.

    Down to nape of her neck, her collar bone and shoulders where he left a hickey. This in turn earned him a mouthful of moans from the lovely demoness.

    His hands moved up her body and gently massage her breast, his lips trailed down to her cleavage and sucked on the skin before pushing down her gown and bra and dived in for his appetizer.

    His lips enclosed her semi erect right nipple and sucked as though his life depended on it. As he attended tk one, his hand payed respect to the other and massaged the succulent flesh underneath it.

    Tasting, sucking, biting, kissing and pulling on the now erect nipples, switching from one breast to the other.

    The emoty wine glass in her hands dropped on the bed at her side. Her hands moved down to his hair and gently massaged his scalp, lightly pulling on his dark hair.

    They went on, hands and mouth exploring the other. She was in ecstasy as to how he worshipped her body. He knelt down and pushed her long satin dress with a deep middle slit from bottom to near panties to the side before going for the main course.

    Lucky him she wasn't wearing any panties underneath and he gazed lovingly at his price before gently pecking, kissing, tasting and sucking.

    When she closed her eyes she felt he had many hands, which touched her everywhere, and many mouths, which passed so swiftly over her.

    How could he be so skilled?

    She felt her stomach became hot, like thousands of butterfliies squirming inside of her, she couodn't take it again, by now he had inserted two fingers inside her and pumped in and out...

    "Mmhhhh, aaahhhh... Yes, yes, yes aahh... I can't take it anymore. I need you right inside me, quench this fire... Aahhmm," he added a third finger and then stood back up.

    As he rumped in and out of her, his lips found their way to her lips and kissed her with reckless abandon. He found his way back to her nipples and sucked each in turn.

    She was far gone and moaned continuously. "I would soon cum... Please I want to feel you inside... " she was cut short by the withdrawal of his hands from her vagina.

    His gaze held hers as he could see her burning desire in her eyes. In one swift move, he pulled her gown straps and bra from her shoulders, letting it fall to the ground.

    He stepped away from her to admire her, she  moved closer, stepping out of the pool of her gown on the floor and started undressing him, kissing him and adoring his body as he did hers.

    By now, all the councilmen and some of the ladies became aroused by her moans. Her fingers clutched at the table as she lived her nightmare.

    He lifted her up and she wrapped her legs round his waist, with a full thrust, he penetrated her deep.

    "Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!... "

    Everyone was scared out of their wits by her shrill screams. They all wondered what had happened.

    At one moment she was near orgasm and at the other, when they thought she would cum and hear her scream in pleasure, what they heard instead was an agonizing scream piercing their ear drums.
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