2 Chapter 2 Shoujo Effec

    'Aah finally, break time.' Duran exhaled and stretched away the stiffness he felt in his joints from being seated for too long.

    Despite his teacher's drone, he found a subject that usually bored him interesting.

    'I must be outta my mind. No. It's this school,' he mumbled to himself.

    'Dude. Your eyes aren't Japanese,' said the guy next to him.

    Duran turned his head and saw the guy gawking up at him. His chin was rested on his desk.

    'Man, your face isn't much Japanese either. You from o'seas?'

    Duran could take offence since saying such things directly was typically rude. He detected a tone of curiosity behind the guy's words more than anything else, so let his questions slide.

    'Nah. Born and bred Japanese. My grandfather was French. I inherited a lot of his features,' he politely answered.

    'French mix aye?  Cool.'

    The guy sat up and extended his hand to Duran.

    'Yamaguchi, Fumio. Nice to meet you.'

    Duran shook his hand and returned the introduction.  He took in Fumio's appearance.

    He liked his razor-crop hairstyle, where the fringe swept the side of his forehead. It suited the intense black of his hair and framed his manly features well.  His eyes wandered over his soft skin, which was almost flawless from imperfections. They lingered on his full, lush lips, slightly parted as if they were about to receive a kiss.

    He wondered why he hadn't noticed this good looking guy when he had first entered the room. He certainly was a refreshing change to the other students.

    'Sorry for blurting out **.  I have a habit of doing that and getting in trouble for it.' Fumio apologized.

    'Not at all Yamaguchi-kun.  Being direct can be sometimes refreshing,' Duran replied and wondered if it sounded like a flirt. He decided to be more conscious of his responses.

    'You got a cool given name as well. Is that from your grand-dad too?'

    Duran chuckled at the thought of how cute this guy was.

    'You really do say what's in your head don't you?  Yeah. It was the eyes that made my mother give me his name.'

    'Your eyes. They're pretty like sea coloured marbles.' Fumio remarked.

    'Yamaguchi-kun. If we continue to flirt like this, you'll have me blushing like a love-struck maiden.' Duran teased him. He laughed at Fumio's awkward response.

    'S-Sorry. Didn't realize.'Fumio blurted. His cheeks flushed red.

    Loud chatter and sounds of shifting seats broke through their conversation.
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