6 Chapter 6 Shoujo Effec

    Duran felt his heart leap to his throat when he saw Saski on his own. Now was the opportunity he was hoping for.

    'Ah, um, Tsubaki-kun right?' Duran called out to him.

    Saski turned Duran's way and clicked his tongue.

    'Well, well if it isn't the transfer student. What can I do for you?'

    'Come on. No need to be like that. I just want to talk with you civil like,' Duran replied as earnestly as he could.

    'Fine. What would you like to talk about?' Saski sighed.

    'Whad I need to do to start a club?' Duran asked with one of his charming smiles.

    Saski rolled his eyes with a mordant expression. He wasn't surprised Duran had heard the heated discussions about the otaku club disbandment. It had been loud enough for the whole hallway to hear.

    'You heard about that club's disbandment didn't you?'

    'Yeah. I figured if one club is down another club could open,' Duran stated.

    'Wrong. Moron.' Saski curtly answered back.

    Duran chuckled at his defiance and found him cuter than when they first met.

    Saski's resolve was soften by Duran's stupid smile.

    'Well whatever. Complete this and hand it back within two weeks.' He handed Duran a club application form from his binder.

    Duran bowed low with gratitude. 'Thank you Tsubaki-kun. I appreciate it.'

    'Ah, yeah well, um, you still need to satisfy application conditions too.' Saski added. 'Let me fill you in.'

    Duran and Fumio listened carefully at the absurd lengths they had to go to have an application ready for Student Council approval.

    ★[Condition #1]★ They needed to source an available teacher and convince them to be their adviser.

    Saski made it clear that if the Otaku Machima Club hadn't been disbanded, there was no way they would've been able to apply for a club, since all other teachers were club advisers.  A teacher was only permitted over one club at a time for obvious reasons.

    'Sure there's an opening, but it's only one. I have many applications on a wait list from last year to consider,' he stated.

    Duran saw it was going to be a dog-eat-dog fight to convince that teacher to sign their form.

    ★[Condition #2]★ They needed five or more members signed on to the club with genuine reasons as to why they wanted to be there. And have a President, Treasurer and Secretary appointed (by a consensual vote) before the application due date.

    Duran figured this should be the easiest one to meet.

    ★[Condition #3]★ Have attached to their application, a two-thousand-word essay on why the club should exist and what benefit it would bring the school and its students.

    Fumio scratched his head with, "what's the point?"

    ★[Condition #4]★ Complete the fifty question survey on club ethics and etiquette attached to the form.

    Duran's eyes bulged at some of the sensitive questions about boys, girls and where hands were allowed to be at all times.

    'The President has to be a third year.  All other positions can be from other years. That's about it really.' Saski finished off his club application run-through.

    'Woah - that's extreme man!' Fumio complained.

    'Seriously?! Gawd, it'd be easier to cut out my spleen and donate it to the student council on silver platter.' Duran remarked wryly.

    Saski chuckled and gave Duran and Fumio a patronizing pat on their shoulders.

    'Good luck guys. I'll be watching your progress with interest,' he said as he passed them to meet up with a group of classmates further down the hallway.

    'Say, Yamaguchi-kun, who was the otaku club's adviser?'  Duran asked.

    'We're in luck. He's our teacher for our next class,' Fumio replied.

    'Aah, so that's what Tsubaki-kun meant by watching.'

    Duran felt fired up by the challenge before him. No matter what the outcome, he'd give it his all.
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