11 Chapter 11 Shoujo Effec

    'Good, we've escaped.' Saski huffed with his back against the door.

    Fumio was panting next to him.

    'Sensei, dude?! Dude! You have to save us, but Harada-sensei more. He's getting eaten alive,' Fumio pleaded before Watanabe-sensei.

    'Sexual harassment cases are piling up. The whole school's going love crazy!' Saski gave his report on the matter whilst wiping a sweat from his brows. His complexion had become sickly and pasty.

    'Hmm. So it's even the staff now.' Watanabe-sensei muttered to himself.

    He found himself sizing up Saski with high interest. He shook his head clear from his impure thoughts and returned to the problem at hand.

    'We'll obtain the ingredients you need to make the antidote. Give us a list and places to go.' Duran volunteered his assistance to the antidote cause.

    'Okay. I suppose it's only fitting. Give me a moment.' Watanabe-sensei agreed.

    He quickly wrote down a shopping list for Duran and the others to procure, providing names of places they could find the items.

    'Here are special permissions slips. Keep them on you. Just in case someone asks questions.' Watanabe-sensei handed them signed slips that excused their absence from school on official errands.

    'Right. Got it,' Duran said as he pocketed the list and slips.

    'Since I'm doing this I want something else from you.'

    'What do you mean? This is to save the students. Why're you demanding something?' Watanabe-sensei eyes narrowed towards Duran.

    'Yes, save the students from your experiment. I'm surprised you won't be summoned to a board hearing very soon.' Duran added formally.

    Fumio and Saski were surprised at Duran's switch to proper speech. They watched in silence at the business assumed between Sensei and their classmate.

    Saski wondered who Duran was for him to be calling shots with a teacher on his first day. His mind went back to the moment when he walked into their classroom with that air of confidence and slight arrogance. The scene before him confirmed his thinking.

    'You're threatening me now?' Watanabe-sensei said levelly.

    'No. Stating a fact that I think you're already aware of anyway. What I offer is a soft blow,' Duran replied.

    'And that is?'' Sensei asked not sure if it was a good thing to entertain a student's extortion.

    Yet from Duran's controlled composure, he felt his student's shift in attitude was an effect of a higher purpose calling upon him at that very moment. It piqued his curiosity.

    'I'll return the ingredients and help apply the antidote either way. I ask you to sign my club application form and become the music club's adviser.' Duran laid down his demands.

    Watanabe-sensei laughed at Duran's cute request.

    Duran felt like an awkward kid at Watanabe-sensei's reaction, and felt his efforts were shot down in that one moment.

    'Geez Sensei. You don't have to shoot me down like that,' he said with a defeated voice.

    'So yah just talking big time there then.' Fumio had worked out.

    'Well, it was worth a shot.' Duran sighed. 'I did say I'll get what is needed regardless.'

    'Aah, but I do admire your tenacity Kita-kun. Okay, I'll be your club adviser only if you set some respectable conditions. You may be right about it being a saving grace if your case is compelling before the student council and school board,' Watanabe-sensei said once he had calmed down.

    He couldn't resist Duran's drooping shoulders and the dejected look on his face. Very cute.

    'Oh, okay, let's do this!' Duran piped up with a burst of enthusiasm and yelped when he felt his butt being massaged.

    He turned and saw Fumio's hands becoming friendly around his body.

    'That's enough! It's bad enough you called out to me by my given name earlier.' Duran scolded him with a deep frown and flushed face.

    'I can't help it Kita-kun. Sooo cute.' Fumio apologized with a look of a sad puppy.

    'Oh my god. I can't take it!' Saski cried out and pulled Fumio into a lustful kiss. He was pulled off by Duran.

    'Calm down Tsubaki-kun! This is not how a student council representative should behave. You have to fight the effect harder!'

    Both boys stared back at him with aroused expressions and flushed cheeks.

    'I think you need to be chaperoned by someone unaffected.' Watanabe-sensei suggested.

    Duran signed up his sister, her girlfriend and Kou for the job.

    'Okay, here are three extra passes. I'll send word to their teacher.'

    Watanabe-sensei gave them a time for the return and sent them on their way. The three boys hurried out of the room to gather their other friends to the cause.
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