20 Chapter 20 Im Kita Duran

    _Sensei, I'm sorry I caused you trouble. Sensei. Please forgive me. I'm sorry Sensei... Sensei..._

    Duran woke with a start. His mind eased out of a traumatic memory as the present environment appeared before him.  He saw he wasn't where he should be.  The last moment he recalled was talking to Saski in the hallway near their classrooms.

    'Nurse will be here shortly. Was told to wait 'til she comes back.'

    Duran took in the sterile, white-washed walls and ward bed he was in. His area was sectioned by curtain partitions. Fumio was perched on the edge of his bed near him. He was still in his uniform.

    'Fumio-kun. Um, where am I?' He asked, slightly dazed.

    'The infirmary dude. Man, seems you passed out in the hallway K-Pop style,' Fumio replied with a staid tone. 'I shouldn't have let you go off with Tsubaki.'

    'Mate, it's okay. It's not as if I was led astray to be trampled upon by screaming Justin Bieber die-hard fans desperate to touch their god,' he reassured and felt a chill down his spine at the thought of it.

    'Still, how'd I get here?' Duran asked perplexed.

    Fumio explained how he and everyone in their class saw Saski racing down the hallway with him in his arms.  He had bolted out of class and, eventually, caught up to them outside the Infirmary.  Saski headed back to leave Duran in his care.

    Duran blushed at the image of himself being carried like a princess in Saski's arms. Surely, it would've taxed a lot of that guy's strength to ensure his arrival in the infirmary that was some distance from his classroom block. He would've had to carry him across the courtyard and through the long stretch of hallway of the administration ground floor.

    'How strong is that guy?' Duran spoke this thought out loud.

    'He's our kendo prince so guess the dude's gotta have some guns. Then again. You look light enough to be carried like a princess.' Fumio joked lightly.

    Duran looked over his scrawny body and shuffled further underneath the blankets. His height was a mere average 165 CM and his figure was light as Fumio had suggested.

    He felt a sense of guilt by troubling Saski and his friend.  Would a simple thank you be enough to show his gratitude?

    'Dude. What's with your red face? You ain't got a fever have you?'

    'Oh, um, no. Don't think so. And, um, thank you for being here and all. I'm sorry I caused you trouble,' Duran fumbled.

    'Nah. It's all good. You gave me a valid reason to skip history,' Fumio reassured him as he ruffled up his hair.

    Duran felt relieved his friend was being normal around him, but he wondered what his other classmates thought of him.

    'Don't worry what people think. Passing out is what people do sometimes. If anyone said bad things about it, I'll smack their brains in,' Fumio said out of the blue.  Sharp guy.

    'Yeah, thanks mate.'

    The school nurse shortly arrived to take his temperature. He was released when she saw it was at a normal level, and he looked well enough.
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