24 Chapter 24 Saskis Observations

    263 first year, 186 second year and 198 third year students. Equaling 647 heads in total. 198 valid votes were received in favor of a music club after Duran's performance.

    However, they received a total of 605 votes across the school with the total of 485 of those affirming acceptance of his music. Neither the principal nor the student council could deny the right of the club when a majority of student votes were in favor for it.

    Principal Kimura included his endorsement, but he was far from gracious about it. He ranted and raged the whole time Duran and Watanabe-sensei were in the student council chambers receiving the keys and budget for the club.

    Duran's mind wasn't occupied with the music club at that moment. He was concerned for Isao who wasn't coming to school since around the time of the attack. His concern deepened when Ryuu-chichi told him that his senior had dropped all charges and apologized for causing trouble. He wondered what was going on in his senior's mind.

    'Sensei, I'm sorry I caused you trouble.' His mind wandered back to his past.

    Was his senior going through something similar?

    'Sorry, please excuse me.' He bowed and raced out of the council chambers, unable to ignore the urge to find Isao.

    'What was that all about?' Kou blurted out, not hiding his annoyance at Duran's spacing out and abrupt exit. They were still doing their handover too.

    'It seems Kita-kun has a lot on his mind,' Watanabe-sensei answered.

    'I thought he would've been thrilled at having achieved the impossible,' Saski said both concerned and annoyed.

    'I'm not surprised of his arrogance. I am annoyed at his attitude of ingratitude,' said President Saito.

    'Ingratitude? Arrogance? I think you've completely misunderstood this boy,' Watanabe-sensei said in Duran's defence.

    'Misunderstood? His actions speak for themselves.' President Saito retorted.

    'Are you any different, President Saito?'

    Watanabe-sensei chuckled at the boy's stern expression.

    'I think he's very grateful, but right now there is something troubling him.'

    'A boy like that is trouble, so I'm not surprised. This matter of a music club is shameful in my eyes. I can't understand why an honour student would want to defy this school so much.' Principal Kimura went back to the music club argument.

    'Honour student?!' Kou and Saski blurted in unison.

    'Why are you surprised? He's in your class Tsubaki-kun.'

    'I thought he was filling a gap like Yamaguchi,' Saski answered. He blushed, feeling embarrassed by his words.

    'Kita Duran scored in the Top Ten of your year. He scored in the Top Five of his former school's Entrance Exam. Tell me if he's filling a gap now?' Watanabe-sensei asked Duran's Student Council peers.

    He wasn't sure why he was defending Duran so much, but it made him feel good in his heart for doing so.

    'He may not appear it, but he's a very dedicated and intelligent student. He received some glowing recommendations from his previous teachers too. Since you all didn't see this, in this respect, I see him anything but arrogant.'

    Saski sighed. His science teacher had a point and maybe his perception of Duran was misconstrued.

    'You may be right Watanabe-sensei, but it still doesn't excuse his behaviour just now. I'll be watching him very carefully as I expect of you and Aimi-sensei as well,' said Principal Kimura.

    'Of course, I'll be keeping a watchful eye on him as the club's adviser and his teacher. I think you should be more open-minded. Not everything is as it seems. Now if you excuse me I have a class to teach.' Watanabe-sensei ended his discussions and made his exit.

    'Keep an eye on him.' Principal Kimura ordered the council members.

    He left the council chambers.

    'I leave that task in your care Hayashi-kun, Tsubaki-kun,' President Saito said as he picked up his books and left the room.

    'Actually, that task is for you Saski-kun since you're in his class.' Kou teased Saski with a firm pat to his shoulder.

    Saski groaned at the realization that he would have to keep tabs of Duran's coming and going from this point on.
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