25 Chapter 25 Saskis Observations

    He found himself observing him in class from his desk, which had a safe line of sight to Duran's side profile.

    Duran was indeed a dutiful student. His slender fingers took notes when they should, soft green eyes paid attention to their teachers' lectures and delicate full lips rested pensively as he quietly worked at his notebooks.

    Saski's further observation took note of the way he sat with proper posture. He appreciated the way his silky gold-blond hair reflected the daylight around his high cheekbones and the delicate curve line of his jaw.

    'If I didn't know him better, I'd mistake him for being gentle.' He wryly mused and swallowed the rest of his absurd thought.

    Towards the middle of the day, he mulled over Duran's behaviour when he handed over the club keys at the end of their class.

    'Thank you Tsubaki-kun. I'm sorry for leaving the meeting early.' Duran had respectfully thanked and apologized to him with proper manners.

    Saski concluded that his western good looks gave him the impression of arrogance. The truth of his personality was something else.

    He sighed with relief when the lunch-bell rang, and he could ditch his observation duties on Duran, satisfied he knew enough of his classmate.

    His heart began to race at the sight of Duran's form receding from him up the hallway.

    'What the hell?' He thumped at his chest and shook off the weird feeling he felt. He made his way out of school.

    'Tsu-ba-ki!' He heard Osamu call out his name with his usual flirtatious manner and braced himself for a bear hug.

    'Why do you look so moody?' Osamu whispered into Saski's ear as he wrapped his arms around his waist.

    'I'm not moody Miki-chan. Let go of me, you're sucking the life out of me.' Saski gasped and gulped in air when he was released.

    'You're a tease.' Osamu joked.

    Saski caught curious glances from other students passing them by in the school hallway.

    'Miki-chan let's go to the roof.' He led the way up to the rooftop of their building.

    The day was crisp and sunny and the air felt refreshing. Other students also decided to eat their lunch up at the rooftop. In the distance he spied Duran sitting with his other classmates and a few other circles.

    'His popularity has soared since his guitar solo,' Osamu commented as they made themselves comfortable in a shady spot conveniently in eye line view of Duran's group.

    'Sickening isn't it?' Kou said as he sat down next to them. His hair was wet like he had come out of a shower.

    'I thought you didn't have any basketball practice today?'

    'I didn't that's why I can have lunch with you monkeys,' Kou joked. 'Actually, it was meant to be a meeting, but when you enter a gym full of guys all fired up it ends up as quick practice. Five minutes was enough for me to win over Kudo-senpai.'

    Kou's attention wandered over to Duran and his ever growing circle of friends. Something bothered him about the guy, but he couldn't put his finger on what it was.

    'Looks like Watanabe's attached herself to him,' Osamu said casually as they saw the AKB48-like girl pounce on an unsuspecting Duran.

    They laughed at Duran's comical response to her advances, which was an awkward attempt to fend her off whilst not tripping over.

    'He's definitely going to get eaten alive.' Saski chuckled. He felt both lucky and guilty that he was off her radar.

    His chuckles subsided when he saw Mayuzumi Chihiro initiate a conversation with Duran. Why was that second year talking causally with him?

    'I'd say I'm surprised, but I'm not,' Kou said through mouthfuls of seaweed rice.

    Saski was. Associating with that despicable guy didn't match with his observations of Duran behaviour.

    'I figured Kita-kun's a lot of things, but associating with Mayuzumi is something he's not.' He frowned at the interaction between the two.

    Something felt off, which was highlighted by the reactions from Duran's friends who also seemed surprised by the encounter.

    He wondered if Duran's brash from the Student Council Office was related to Mayuzumi. He pulled out his phone and fingered through his contact list for Duran's details, glancing back to the group to see Mayuzumi walking away.

    The expression on Duran's face made him feel uneasy. It was as Watanabe-sensei said. Everything wasn't as it seemed. Something was up.

    'Maybe he made a deal with the devil. Could explain why he received so many votes,' Osamu said.

    'You could be right. If that's, so I'd need to look into this further,' Saski said.

    'Hey Miki-chan, I'll meet you back at class.'

    Saski packed up his lunch and trailed after Mayuzumi.
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