26 Chapter 26 Saskis Observations

    He checked the time on his phone, there was still fifteen minutes before the end-of-lunch bell was scheduled to ring.

    He hurried through the hallways in search of Mayuzumi and found him at a set of lockers leering over a couple of scrawny first year boys with his Yankee gang by his side. It was clear they were performing extortion. Saski clenched his fists and gritted his teeth.

    'Mayuzumi!' He almost spat the man's name to the ground.

    Mayuzumi left the fate of the first year boys to his thugs and approached Saski. He was a head taller with his muscly body detectable underneath his loose fitted shirt with sleeves rolled up and pants snug around his backside.

    Saski had heard of girls gushing over the look of his manly face and ash-blonde hair. He couldn't find anything to admire in his senior. The guy was repulsive with scheming grey eyes and slimy thin lips always twisted in a sly smirk.

    'Mr. Student Council what do you want?' Mayuzumi snickered.

    'Extortion is a crime. I will not allow it at this school.' Saski straight out accused his senior.

    Mayuzumi stopped a hand-space away from his face.

    'What are you talking about? Who's doing any extorting? We're just having a friendly chat with our juniors.'

    Saski skirted around Mayuzumi and skilfully pushed his thugs away from the trembling first years. They swung punches at him, but ended up hitting locker faces instead. He pushed them further away, so they stumbled to the ground, defeated.

    'Now you could say that I went for an attack. There're no marks on my body, but a lot on your friends here. Or you can shrug this off as a play fight, tell your goons to let these first year's go and move on.'

    'Well done Tsubaki-kun. You're a true hero.' Mayuzumi sarcastically clapped and gestured for his Yankees to beat it.

    Everyone left the hallway to leave Saski and Mayuzumi alone to sort out their business.

    'You look like you have something you want to say to me. It wasn't by chance you're here is it?'

    'Kita. Why were you talking to him?'

    'Pfft! Is that why you sort me out? Jealous I'm hitting on your boyfriend?'

    'You're not even close. I'll ask again why?'

    'Why should you be interested in who I talk to?'

    'Because the Student Council is always left to deal with crap from your scandals.'

    'Ah, I get it, so you think this good son of our prominent politician pulled strings for him huh?'

    'Did you?'

    Mayuzumi resumed his stance before Saski who wasn't backing down. He chuckled.

    'Sheesh you're too pent-up. Once again, you go deciding things for yourself. I do find that side of you very sexy Tsubaki Saski.'

    'Again Mayuzumi. What did you talk about with Kita-kun?'

    'Trivial matters. Nothing to concern your pretty-boy face with.'

    'Fine. If I find out you were up to more scandalous behaviour, I'll ensure you're kicked out of this school.'

    'Even if it involves Kita-kun in the process?'

    'Even that.'

    'Have fun with your interrogations then.' Mayuzumi stepped away and turned to leave.

    'Don't you think a vulnerable Kita is sexy?' He threw over his shoulder and smirked at Saski's glare.

    'I'll find out what you're up to and stop you.' Saski soberly declared.

    'Try if you can.'

    Mayuzumi made his way down the hall, leaving Saski behind.
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