30 Chapter 30 Bullied

    His step-father's answer arrived to the phone's inbox in the middle of the night. It flashed as a guiding light whilst Duran was lost in his dreams.

    Duran went about his plan the next day, cautiously manoeuvring things into place without alerting attention from Mayuzumi and his people. Plan talk was discussed carefully during a lunchtime meeting with his friends in his homeroom class.

    'This is what you meant by your weird email,' Fumio said with a secretive tone. 'Mistook for spam at first.'

    Duran had his friends huddled around his desk to talk over the details that had all of them nodding and looking invested in the plan.

    'It's a big task. It will work if Prick doesn't get wind of what's up. I beg you to keep a tight lip,' Duran hushed.

    He gave Mayuzumi the code name of Prick in relation to the plan.

    'Why'd we need the Student Council's help?' Aki hissed in protest to the idea.

    'I know your love for the SC runs deep Aki. Whether we like it or not they hold the weight of the student body.'

    'Can we trust them?' Aki kept up his argument.

    'Do we have a choice?'

    Aki sighed, realizing Duran was right. In order to get their message across in the shortest amount of time. The Student Council's help was a necessary evil.

    'Okay, so we enlist the SC's help for supporters, what about the soundtrack?'

    'My step-father is willing to help us.'

    Fumio and Aki gave confused stares at Himeko and Duran.

    'I don't mean Himeko's dad,' Duran chuckled. 'My father's partner.'

    'You've a confusing family dude.' Fumio dropped trying to understand the many fathers his friend had.

    'What does your father's partner do?' Mei asked, bringing the subject back to the matter at hand.

    'He owns a music studio and runs an independent record label.'

    'Woah! Dude you're holding out!' Fumio perked up.

    'Man, you're my best friend for life!' Aki said through a cheesy grin.

    'It's not like that guys. This is the first time Akira-san has agreed to one of my requests for some studio time.'

    'Really? No family freebies or discounts?' Fumio asked innocently.

    Duran laughed, and even harder at Fumio's frown.

    'Oh, man, um that'll be a no,' he said after he had calmed down.

    'He was all for the cause, but we only have two hours this Saturday to make it count.'

    At that moment Dai'chi Santo entered the room.

    'Hey Duran!' He called out when he saw him at his desk.

    Duran waved him inside. Dai'chi grabbed a seat into their pow-wow.

    'Thanks for coming Santo-senpai. We're going over the plan.'

    'Geez how many times do I tell you to call me Dai'chi?'

    'You're our senior and the club president,' Duran said with a horrified look on his face.

    'Hey it's friends before status. Being a third year doesn't make me any extra special.' Dai'chi smiled.

    'I second that.' Aki joked and yelped at the clip to his ear from his senior.

    'Don't be a smart-arse. I'm Santo-senpai to you Aki-man.'

    'Shut-up Santo Claus.'

    'Okay, okay. Let's get back to it before the bell rings.' Duran called them all to attention.

    Every one brought Dai'chi up to speed.

    'We can cut a track at your Akira's studio? Wow! That's big.'

    'Are you going to let them know?' Mei asked.

    Duran nodded his head.

    'We need to practice a track first.'

    He pulled out copies of a song he composed with parts for each of them to learn and practice.

    'Learn this 'till your fingers bleed.'

    'What about bass?' Aki looked over everyone and screwed up his face at their clueless expressions.

    Duran turned to Mei, 'Do you think you could use your cello skills to play bass?'

    'Um, not sure. I've never touched one before.'

    'I can help you.' Himeko piped up. 'It's not much different. We can use my dad's bass guitar.'

    'Why can't you play it Hime-chan?'

    'Because I'm needed for guitar solos,' she answered smugly, ignoring Aki's pouting.

    'Actually, Aki will do lead guitars as you're the singer,' Duran stated.

    'Huh? I can do both you know?'

    'Well we might need you as a bass backup. Besides, not much guitar solo anyway,' Duran said considerately and flashed a wink to Aki when she wasn't looking.

    Himeko sighed and shrugged her shoulders with her reluctant agreement.

    At that moment the end bell rang out. Duran was satisfied he got across what he wanted everyone to do.

    'Remember, keep this a secret guys. Prick must never find out the plan. If people ask about the music, say it's for the club welcome after mid-terms.' Duran reminded everyone before they dispersed.
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