21 Battle And Changes.

    In a deserted planet where only huge mountains can been seen across the distance, the sound of fist hitting another fist could be heard.

    Boom.....  Boom.... Boom.....

    ??? : Damn.....  you!

    Kevi : How does punch feel?

    ??? : Take this [Dynamic Punch]!

    Kevi : Take this [Special Beam Canon]!

    As the punch came in contact with the beam, a huge explosion erupted causing the '???' guy to fly backwards and hit a mountain and totally destroying it.

    Kevi : Surrender to me and knell before my radiant mortal.

    ??? : Never..... [Dragon Hyperspace].

    As the beam of light magic and dragon magic combine and came towards Kevi X5 faster than the speed of light who was only 1 kilometer away.

    Kevi : [Continental Punch].....

    When the fist collided with the magical attack, the beam immediately disperse and the force generated by the punch engulf the '???' guy. Not only the '???' guy but also the land behind him which was X2 the size of Asia was completely destroyed. The force generated by the punch created a depth of 5000 km below sea level.

    Kevi : Wow! Your durability is pretty impressive Dragonova, Champion of Dragon Race, in your world.

    Dragonova : How do thou know my name!?

    Kevi : Me know your name is not important,  but what it's important is that, you have survived an attack capable of destroying entire continents at a distance of 1 km away. Now let's see if you can survive the same attack at a point-blank range.

    Dragonova : *Gasp*.... Damn *Gasp*.....

    Kevi : In case, if you survive my next attack, then I will unleash an even stronger attack capable of destroying an entire planet. And if you survive that attack also, then I will go for an attack capable of destroying entrie Solar System, then a Galaxy Level, then a Universal Level, then a Multiversal Level and then a Omniversal Level.

    Dragonova (Thought) : Damn it! Is this guy crazy!?. I used up almost all my magic in order to protect myself from that attack but I was still injured to the point of near death. If he attack me with the same attack at point-blank range,  then I will surely die.

    Kevi : Are you ready Dragonova?

    Dragonova : Hahahahah...  bring it on.

    Kevi : I change my mind, let me activate my 'Quirks'.

    [Springlike Limbs],

    [Kinetic Booster X4],

    [Strength Enchancer X3],



    [Air Walk],

    [Springlike Bones].

    Kevi : The earlier attack was just too see if you can withstand my attack. Now I know that you can withstand my attack, unleash your and repel my attack.

    Dragonova (Thought) : I guess I will have to go beyond my limits.

    [Mana Regeneration],

    [Hyper Strength X5],

    [Limit Break],

    [Hyper Speed X5],

    [Enchance Durability X5],

    [Damage Reduction X10].

    Boom.... Boom...Boom.....

    Suddenly a bright flash of light was send across the land, followed by a huge explosion.

    Kevi : Oh....!  Hahahahah.....  Impressive my friend. You're evolving. Go on, finish your evolution.

    Dragonova : *Smile* Are you sure? I hope you don't regret this.

    Kevi : You are forgetting something my friend, I have the power to destroy the entire Omniverse, your evolution means nothing in front of my power.

    Dragonova : We'll see about that. *Screaming* AHHHHHHHH....!

    As Dragonova started to scream, the mana around him quickly run wild causeing the rocks to fly upwards as God gravity didn't exist. As rocks flew here and there, huge mountains were destroyed by the wild mana and the ground move violently.

    Boom... Boom.... Boom...

    After the huge explosion, the dust in the air quickly settled down (At an abnormal rate).

    Dragonova : My evolution has make me 5 trillion times stronger then before. Do you think you can beat me?

    Kevi : Are you an idiot or what? Earlier I have been saying that I have the power to destroy the entire Omniverse.

    Dragonova : Do you really think I will believe something like that.

    Kevi : Hahahahah.... OK then, now come and fight me.

    Dragonova : Let me return the favor.

    After saying those words, Dragonova instantly disappear and came in front of Kevi.

    Dragonova : Take this.

    Launching a punch towards Kevi's face.

    When the punch came in contact with Kevi's face, the force of the punch threw Kevi backwards and hit a huge mountain. The results of the impact cause a huge impact crater.

    Kevi : Not bad.  Now it's my turn.

    Dragonova : Bring it on.

    Boom..... Boom..... Boom...

    Dragonova (Thought) : Damn! My powers are increasing at an abnormal rate but he is still keeping up with me.

    Kevi : Impressive, your powers are increasing pretty quickly. Let me also transform.

    Dragonova : Impossible! You are this strong and you can even transform. How can a human be this strong.

    Kevi : You're wrong there Mr friend, I'm no human.

    Kevi : I shall go Super Saiyan.

    Dragonova : A what?


    Dragonova : Incredible power.

    Boom...  Boom.... Boom...

    Dragonova : So what is this again?

    Kevi : Haha.. It's Super Saiyan.

    Dragonova : AHHHHHH.

    Kevi :AHHHHHH.

    Both Kevi And Dragonova flew towards each other at very quickly. As both of them reached a striking range, they launch their punches towards each other.

    The moment their fist hit each other faces,  the planet exploded.

    The explosion send both of them flying opposite to each other.

    Dragonova (Thought) : Damn that hurts a lot.

    Kevi : Come on let's keep on fighting. [Hyper Beam] (I hope I don't recharge).

    Opening his mouth widely, Kevi launch a beam (Normal Attack) straight towards Dragonova.

    Dragonova : [Hyper Dragon Breath].

    Quickly reacting to the situation Dragonova also unleash his attack to counter the beam. As the beam collided with each other, it was quickly followed by an explosion and the resulting shock wave send both Kevi and Dragonova further away from each other.

    Dragonova : Before he reaches me, I have to activate more of my magic.

    [Magic Multiplier],

    [Health Regeneration],

    [Hyper Auto-Health Regeneration],

    [Hyper Auto-Mana Regeneration],

    [Calm Mind],

    [Clear Mind],

    [Hyper Thinking],

    [Enhance Elemental],

    [Enhance Non-Elemental],

    [Hyper Awareness].


    Dragonova : How the hell did you grow so big?

    While Dragonova was looking at Kevi in shock,  the eyes of Kevi started to glow red and a beam of heat was shootout from his eyes which hit Dragonova and threw him backwards.

    As Dragonova flew backwards, he eventually hit a neighboring planet and created a impact crater.

    Dragonova : What kind of heat attack was that?

    Kevi : Impressive right?

    Dragonova : I'm immune to heat attack.

    Dragonova : You may be immune to heat attack but what if my attack surpass your heart immunity?

    Dragonova : Impossible!

    Kevi : It's time to end this.

    Dragonova : Damn it!  And after all those power up.


    Dragonova : Where am I?

    ??? : You're home. You must had strange dream if your asking questions like that.

    Dragonova (Thought) : Was it really a dream? Hmm, no it was no dream.

    .....*Dropping off plates*....

    Dragonova : What's wrong honey?

    Wife : Your look so different.

    Dragonova : What do you mean!
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