22 Journey And Business.

    Kevi : Hello guys. How are you all doing? Hope you're doing great. Currently I'm on Earth-0. The fascinating things about this Earth is that,  it's a Cultivational World where there is QI, cultivational techniques. Currently I'm on the road on my way towards Delhi the capital of India. Even though it's a cultivational world,  the continents, countrys, states, towns and villages have the same name, there are only few difference like the technology, species of flora and fauna and mentality of the people etc.

    ??? : Hey kid! You going to Delhi?

    Kevi : Yeah and you?

    ??? : Yes.

    Kevi : The name's Kevi and you're?

    ??? : It's Kumar.

    Kevi : So are you going there for business?

    Kumar : Yes and you?

    Kevi : Sighting and to buy stuffs?

    With the carriage moving towards the capital, Kevi and Kumar talk through out their journey. After 10 hours of traveling, the carriage finally reached its destination.

    Coachman : Sir we have reached our destination.

    Kumar : Time sure fly's when your have a fun conversation right?

    Kevi : It sure does.

    After getting down the carriage, Kevi and Kumar stood there while the carriage move away.

    Kumar : Here is my business card. If you need anything, come to this address.

    Kevi : Thank You.

    Kumar : Then see you around.

    Kevi : Sure.

    After saying their goodbyes, Kevi and Kumar went their separate ways.

    Kevi : Guys why don't we go towards the shopping district.

    After 10 minutes of walking, Kevi finally reached the shopping district.

    Shopkeeper 1 : Low and medium grade spirit stones available at cheap price.

    Shopkeeper 2 : Check out this Phoenix sword, it's made using the tear of the Phoenix and iron from the Iron Dragon King.

    Customer 1 : How much?

    Shopkeeper 2 :1000000 gold coins and and 100 fire elemental stones.

    Customer 1 : *Shock* *Angry* Are you insane, who is going to buy that stupid thing.

    Shopkeeper 3 : Cheap cultivational techniques available here.

    Kevi : Sounds tempting but 40% of the items are fake while 60% are cheap products ranging from low rank materials, swords,  shields,  cultivational techniques, etc.

    After walking about 1km, Kevi came in front of a huge building. Even do the building was huge, here was only a few people inside the building.

    Kevi : Guys were are finally here.

    As Kevi was walking towards the mall, two security guards walk towards Kevi and stop him.

    Security Guard 1 : Sir will you please show me your card?

    Security Guard 2 : ....

    Kevi : Here.

    As the 1st and 2nd security guard took the card and looked at it, he was shock.

    Security Guard 1 : *Angry* *Shout* Who do you think you are fooling by bringing a fake card.

    Security Guard 2 : Also we do not have a card design like this.

    When the security guard started shouting, it attracted the attention of many citizens around the area.

    Citizen 1 : Look someone is trying to get inside the mall using a fake card.

    Citizen 2 : Guess he is done for good.

    Citizen 3 : Poor him,  guess he doesn't know the consequences for using fake card.

    Citizen 4 : He so death.

    As the citizens talk about the man fate. Kevi look at the guards and told.

    Kevi : Inject some qi or call the manager to verify the card.

    Security Guard 2 : And why should we do that,  for all me know, you might have put poison into the card.

    Kevi : If you don't, you will regret it later.

    Security Guard 1 : Come with us peacefully or we will take you using force.

    ??? : What is all this commotion?

    Security Guard 1 : Mr.  Manager.

    Security Guard 2 : Sir,  this man is trying to enter the mall using a fake card.

    Manager : Show me the card.

    Security Guard 1 : Here Sir.

    As the manager look at the card and injected his qi into the card, 3 minutes passed and the manager started to sweat and quickly look at Kevi and kneel down a. d stared at the two security guard causing them to kneel down also.

    Manager : Sir I'm extremely sorry for my negligence. I will personally punished this two fools and fired them.

    The moment threw manager kneel down, the citizens where pub shock but after hearing the words of the manager, they were dumbfounded by this event. All citizen know that even the guards of this mall are all high cultivational individual with great talent and anyone of them could become a leader.

    Citizen 5 : Who is this guy?

    Citizen 6 : Must me someone very important.

    Citizen 7 : That's obvious.

    Citizen 8 : The security guards are doom.

    Kevi : No problem, they were just doing their job. Let bygones be bygones. Since it's the past now let as all forgive and forget. Now can I enter.

    Manager : Thank You for your kindness.

    As the manager said those words,  he gave a deathly stared towards the two security guards.  Noticing the stared quickly and understanding the meaning, the two security quickly stand up and gave a 50° bow and said.

    Security Guard 1 : Thank You for your kindness Sir.

    Security Guard 2 : Thank You for your kindness Sir.

    Manager : This way Sir.

    Kevi : I will like to check the materials and would like some assistance.

    Manager : No problem Sir I will  arrange the best person we have for your assistance.

    When their conversation came to an end, Kevi started to walk inside the mall. When Kevi was out of site. The manager roar at them.

    Manager : Are you two crazy? He could have destroyed the entire trading sect because of you two.

    Security Guard 1 : Were sorry Sir.

    Security Guard 2 : Pardon me Sir,  but was there something special about that card?

    Manager : Since the 2 off you are in the lower ranks, the 2 off you will not know about this card. The card you saw earlier, only 1 exist in the world and it's only given too a person if he/she has the power to destroy the entire planet.

    Hearing the words of the manager, the 2 security guards were sweating profusely.

    Manager : The 2 off you are lucky, he seems to be a patient guy.


    Kevi : So do you have 2 Superme Bahamut Spirit Stones?

    Assistant : I will bring it right away Sir.

    Kevi : Wait! There still more materials I will need to buy. So, I will say the names, you write down the list.

    Assistant : Yes Sir!

    Assistant (Thought) : Damn he must be loaded. The price of 1 Superme Bahamut Spirit Stone can make 10 generation of a commoner family live without working and he is going to buy 2 and other things.

    Kevi : 10 Elemental Core, 5 Leviathan Teeths, 2 Fruits of Domain, 1 egg of rebirth, 1 Superme's Dragon Blood and 20kg of Hyper Metal.

    Assistant : *Shock*

    Kevi : Hey Mr. Neva Are you writing down my list?

    Assistant : Y.. Yes Sir! I will be right back.


    Boss : So this are the materials he wants?

    Manager : Yes Sir!

    Boss : What is he up to this time this time?

    Manager : ...

    Boss : OK the materials have been transferred.

    Manager : Thank You Boss,  I will take my leave.


    Manager : Sir here are your materials and the bill.

    Kevi : OK let me the bill.

    Manager : It's 5 decillion gold, 2 billion spirit coins and 5 million spirit gems.

    Manager (Thought) : Can some be this rich? He has to pay in installment because no one can be that rich.

    Kevi : Here you go.

    Manager (Thought) : Guess I was wrong.

    Manager : Thank You Sir.

    After paying the bills, Kevi instantly teleported out of the mall which shocked the manager because teleportion was sealed 1 km around the mall.


    Kevi : Here are the materials.

    ??? : Thank You.

    Kevi : Make it sure you used them wisely, those materials made a dent on my wallet.

    ??? : Hahahahahah....  worry not my friend.

    Kevi : Good Luck J.
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