24 My Part-Time Job.

    Kevi : I guess it's time for my part-time job.

    Reincarnation Realm

    Kevi : Ok so you will be going to this world which has more advance science and technology, compared to your previous world. I will give you two superpowers you want?

    Soul 1 : Absolute Intelligence And Technomagic.

    Kevi : Here you go. NEXT.....

    Soul 2 : Where am I?

    Kevi : In the Reincarnation Realm.

    Soul 2 : So what will happen to me?

    Kevi : As the name suggest, you will be reincarnated in a different worlds.

    Soul 2 : So do I get to choose a worlds?

    Kevi : Some souls can while the others can't. For you..., sorry but it seem you can't. But I will give you one superpower.

    Soul 2 : What world will I get reincarnated into?

    Kevi : Let me see... Ok so you will be reincarnated in a world fill with sword and magic.

    Soul 2 : Hmm.... ok please give me Power Embodiment.

    Kevi : So your going with a bang.

    Soul 2 : Yes.

    Kevi : Ok it's done. NEXT...

    Spiritual Assistance : Here is your tea sir.

    Kevi : Thank You. So how is your day going?

    Spiritual Assistance : It's the usual.

    Kevi : So how many Souls are left?

    Spiritual Assistance : 727542758545 soul left.

    Kevi : What!!! that many. Reincarnation duty is not fun. NEXT...

    Soul 3 : Where am I sir?

    Kevi : My friend you are in the Reincarnation Realm.

    Soul 3 : .... Is this...

    Kevi : Like the novel and anime? Yes.

    Soul 3 : And will I..

    Kevi : Get wishes? Yes.

    Soul 3 : Could you stop..

    Kevi : Cutting you mid sentence?

    Soul 3 : .....

    Kevi : Just kidding. Why so serious?

    Soul 3 : By the way, how did I die? For I don't seem to remember how I died.

    Kevi : Man... you will loved this, it's kind of special cas. Ok so, say you were on your way to school, a biker at a very high speed came running towards you.

    Soul 3 : So I got hit by the bike ans died?

    Kevi : Nope. So when the biker was about to hit you, your instinct kick in and you moved out of the way but you were in a state of shock.

    Soul 3 : So I died because of the shock.

    Kevi : No.... you quickly recovered from the shock and quickly to approach the biker, in order to help him. As you were approaching the biker, a drunk driver with his truck drove towards you.

    Soul 3 : So I was killed by truck-kun?

    Kevi : Nope, you dodged the truck and survived. But suddenly a huge boat flew towards you.

    Soul 3 : Wait a minute, how did a boat suddenly came into the picture?

    Kevi : Well you see, you live near the sea and there had been a very strong tornado which took the boat high in the sky and threw it towards you. But the tornado was very far from your city hence the "very strong tornado".

    Soul 3 : So I was crushed by the boat?

    Kevi : Wrong. The boat was a few feets above your head. But suddenly a plane drop down from the sky.

    Soul 3 : Wait...wait..wait.. how did a plane suddenly came into the story?

    Kevi : Well earlier when the biker crashed, way up in the sky a flock of birds where fly. But they were unlucky, because at that moment a plane was flying towards them and they got hit by the plane engine, which caused the plane to fall down. Luckily the plane didn't hit you but the explosion engulfed you.

    Soul 3 : So I died from the explosion?

    Kevi : Wrong again. Even though the explosion engulfed you, you miraculously survive the explosion but was badly injured.

    Soul 3 : So I finally died from my injuries?

    Kevi : Again you are wrong.

    Soul 3 : What!!!!?

    Kevi : So as you were lying on the ground, suddenly a rocket came down from the sky due to malfunction and hit you, which was the caused of your death. Done.

    Soul 3 : I..... I.. I... I'm speechless.

    Kevi : See I told you it's a special case.

    Soul 3 : Ok so since you make a mistake, you will reincarnate me in a different world and give me cheat?

    Kevi : Yes I will reincarnate you and give you a cheat but I don't make mistakes.

    Soul 3 : Me getting killed by a rocket, how could that not be your mistake.

    Kevi : Blame the ''God Of Wind' not me.

    Soul 3 : So you are the ''God Of Reincarnation'?

    Kevi : Wrong. I'm the 'God Of Beyond Omnipotent'.

    Soul 3 : Beyond Omnipotent, I thought Omnipotent was the highest?

    Kevi : Let me tell you this my friend, in the Omniverse, there are infinite number of multiverse which were created by the many Omnipotent Beings.

    Soul 3 : Wait so there are infinite Omnipotent Beings?

    Kevi : No, here is only one Omnipotent Being and that is me. All the other Omnipotent Beings are just me in different appearance, voice, name etc. And when I combined all those together, I'm an Beyond Omnipotent.

    Soul 3 : So it's Omnipotent.

    Kevi : Beyond Omnipotent.

    Soul 3 : It's Omnipotent.

    Kevi : Beyond Omnipotent.

    Soul 3 : Ok ok ok you win it's Beyond Omnipotent. Now please give me my cheat and reincarnate me quickly.

    Kevi : Ok so what do you want for your cheat?

    Soul 3 : You should already know it right?

    Kevi : I do, but I like to act as if I don't know everything and I want my readers to hear you say it and not read your thoughts.

    Soul 3 : Ok so how many cheats do I get?

    Kevi : Hmmm... 1.

    Soul 3 : What.... only 1 and why do you have to think so long.


    Kevi : Hey I don't run a cheat shop ok.

    Soul 3 : But only 1, stingy.

    Kevi : You should be happy I'm already give you a cheat.

    Soul 3 : Please....

    Kevi : Ok only 2.

    Soul 3 : Thanks. Ok so I want a System with everything and infinite points which are used by the System. And will I be reincarnated in a different world or anime world and can I choose?

    Kevi : Wow that is cheap. The wishes are possible but you can only reach 'Nigh-Omnipotent' level. You can be reincarnated in a different world or an anime world but if you choose an anime world, it will be a parallel universe and the only difference is you are there and you can choose, so is it an anime world or a different world?

    Soul 3 : Different world and Thank You.

    Kevi : Oh by the way, your System has a male voice who is a tsundere and not even you with your Nigh-Omnipotent power and change that. Bye bye Hahaha.....

    Soul 3 : Noooooo.....


    [Flame World]

    Soul 3 : I will...remember this...and I will...have my revenge...

    System : Shut Up Baka.

    Soul 3 : Noooooo...


    Kevi : NEXT.
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