1 Beyond Omnipotence

    Beyond Omnipotence. What does it mean? Does it even exist? And if it does,what does it do?

    Beyond Omnipotent means to have power, above all other Omnipotent Beings in the Omniverse and there is no other power above it or equal to it.

    So does Beyond Omnipotent exist? And my answer is "Yes" it does, heck that is why I'm here and this novel exist.

    So what does Beyond Omnipotence do? So basically what Beyond Omnipotent does is that, it is the power to stand above all the Absolute Omnipotent Beings in the Omniverse and no one is above me. It also proves that I have defeated all the Absolute Omnipotent Beings.

    Hello guys my name is Kevi [Which means 'Good' in Tenyidie] and I'm Beyond Omnipotent. Heck you can even put Beyond Omniscience And Beyond Omnipresent for extra credit. I'm also the 'God Of Beyond Omnipotent' Or 'Beyond Omnipotent' Itself.

    People say if something were to beat Omnipotence, then it was never Omnipotent to begin with and also Omnipotence by definition is the absolute pinnacle. But I'm Beyond Omnipotent and I have beaten All Omnipotent Beings and I'm beyond absolute pinnacle itself.

    There are many Omnipotent Being but they are all equal and if they fight each other, than it will end up in a tie but not for me because I'm Beyond Omnipotent and there is no other being who is equal to me or above me. And even if people write, something like Massively Beyond Omnipotent or other things, I will still be the strongest one. I'm the strongest in the Omniverse. Hahahahaha..... OK let's start the story.

    [Edge Of The Universe]

    So guys I'm currently at the edge of the universe and I'm alone. It's so lonely and I want to go somewhere (Even do I'm everywhere, I want to travel with you guys). And by the way I'm using human personality. Ok let's go to a world and enjoy yourself and have fun.

    So, after travelling 100 trillion light years, I have reached a planet in which we all will visit together and have fun.

    The name of the planet is called Z.

    Let's us start the adventure on planet Z in the next chapter.

    And guys don't forget I'm not Omnipotent but 'Beyond Omnipotent' just like the title of the novel. Ok don't write hateful comments because of this. Ok Bye. Hahahahah.....
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